Gaz and zim relationship advice

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gaz and zim relationship advice

Rated: Fiction M - English - Suspense/Romance - Zim, Dib, Gaz, Tak once, and you better tell me the truth out of respect for our mutual relationship. . he grinned, "You're giving me advice on how to defeat this Irken and his. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Breaking the Fourth Wall: During one of Zim and Gaz's post-marriage .. with Gretchen, where she gives her some advice to help her get on with her life.

He marched up onto Zim's lawn. The lawn gnomes came out, but Dib was so pissed, he destroyed them without even flinching. He went up to the door, and pounded on it. Zim came out and answered it, annoyed about his arch-nemesis on his property. Dib merely kicked him in the gut. Zim squealed in pain. You guys were on a date! And he knew that I liked you! I don't like him that way!! Oh god- wait…you like me? She didn't know how to tell you! So, we met up for lunch and I gave her some advice!

I was afraid that you saw what happened and think of It the wrong way! But I don't love Zim! I've loved you ever since we met!

But…look at what had happened. He just beaten up Zim. Had this what he became? He drove back to his house, he felt like dying. She knocked on the door and was greeted by Gaz's "It's open!

He was as loose as a rag-doll. How-" she stopped in mid-sentence as she saw Zim with a black eye, Tak being his support standing up. I needed advice on to tell Dib I have feelings for him, and I asked Zim. So, we were having lunch discussing it, and he thought it was something else. Zim wearily looked at Gaz. But Dib is such an idiot. I don't know how that girl could like him.

gaz and zim relationship advice

It's one of the great mysteries in life. But they do look like a great couple. I am in so much pain. How could he be such a jerk? He prayed he didn't do much damage. We all know Dib is pretty scrawny. And then his thoughts wondered to Tak.

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She probably didn't like him anymore. I mean, if he beat up Zim over seeing them eat lunch together, how could she want to pursue a relationship with him?

His eyes started to water, causing his glasses to fog up. The Irken girl he was in love with wasn't in love with him anymore. Then, he heard a knock on the door. Can I come in? There was an awkward silence. I know I over reacted, and you're not even my girl-friend. The thing is Tak, I, uhh, have feelings for you. And I was overjoyed when Zim said you have feelings for me, but, now, you probably don't-" "Dib" she said, stopping him, "I've loved you ever since I came to Earth.

You were so different. It's what made me fall in love with you. I feel bad that you hurt Zim, but I know you just didn't understand. I love you Dib, and I'm not stopping now. He walked over to Tak and kissed her. They moved closer and kissed passionately. The kissing kept going on, and got more intense. She pushed him on the bed and laid on top of him, stroking his hair.

She kissed all over him and started to take his cloths off. He did the same. His hand made it's way up her leg, and her hand made it's way down to, umm, well you know. They never stopped kissing. She groaned in pleasure as Dib nibbled on her antennas. They finally got to do what they always wanted. They fell in love. When the were done, the place was wrecked. Their clothes were all over the place. There was dents in the wall. He is one poor, neglected little boy with a rather diseased, thoroughly consumed and obsessed mind.

It's part of what makes him such a fun character. And you're right- in case it isn't clear, yes, he has feelings for Zim, but not exactly 'love'. At the moment it's mainly centered on his need for attention and obsessive compulsive clinginess to an alien who; while he denies this; he thinks is highly attractive in his inhuman, foriegnity.

He just needs to be close to someone he can talk to and spend time with and do things with; he's NEVER had that before.

Zim and GIR's Relationship

A single freind would be a great big chunk of heaven to him. To everyone else, thanks for the love and encouragement! Please keep up the reviews! Dib whipped his head around the moment the classroom door was slammed open by the little green person, and the earthling grinned, trying not to laugh out loud. He wasn't sure if the stiffled light giggles flitting around in his chest, were caused more by the irken's current upsetted looks, or his own lack of sanity.

Zim's hair was ruffled, sticking out everywhere, fluffed, spiked, and knotted, all accidentally. The artificial 'wig' substance was spilling down the back of his neck and down his face, partially covering his eyes, which were encaged in darker rings of skin. All in all, he looked a little bit better then yesterday. Maybe whatever was wrong was improving?

Zim had come to school again. That was what mattered. Dib wondered cheerfully whether his obsession's absence was finally over. The boy considered the dark rings around the alien optics with both scientific curiosity, and unhealthy awe.

Irkens got that too? Was it from lack of sleep, like with a human? But Irkens didn't need sleep so that couldn't be right. The fabulously bright red uniform was wrinkled and seemed weathered, less striking. The same went for the invader's skin tight black pants, and his gloves and boots had lost their polished-until-raw look. Dib cocked his head, watching every sharp yet fluid movement as the Irken swung into his chair, once again ignoring the scolding he got from their seemingly vampiric teacher.

Zim and Tak's Relationship

A minute or two passed in empty normalicy. Suddenly anxious, Zim threw a pointed glance across the room, seeing Dib, right in his chair where he belonged, watching the alien stiffly yet dreamily.

The Irken smiled in an amused way, giving an almost darkly pleased look, in response to the male's presence, before settling back in his seat, reaching around himself to open and feel through a small compartment in his pak, soon pulling out a notebook and a very expensive, fancy looking pen. The Irken tapped one end of the pen on his chin, then began scribbling something in his notebook.

Dib's eyes widened in interest and determination. At last, Zim was doing something. Maybe even something worth watching! Compulsively, he pulled his legs up so his feet braced on his seat, getting himself into a kneeling position on his chair for more hight, and leaned over, holding onto his desk to keep from falling right out. He was trying in a very conspicuous mannor, to see across the classroom and decipher what sort of drawings or letters were being formed through the black ink staining and flowing into the white paper from the decorative, shiny pen.

It looked like the alien was writing in his native script; lots of tiny, curving, sharp shapes and hard, solid blocks that needed to be shaded in. Dib leaned over further, squinting, taking one hand off his desk to adjust his glasses. It was almost impossible to see from this distance. Dib tried not to lose his balance as he was twisted sideways in his chair, but a shove against his back had him falling out of his desk to land on hard tile.

Zim had heard the kid snapping at Dib, but he didn't pay attention until he heard the judicial thud. At that his head snapped up, eyes wide, to see what happened. Unexpected anger bubbled fast and strong in his midsection. Several kids laughed and called the young human names, and Ms.

Bitters icily told him to get back in his desk where he belonged. Dib just drew in an awkward breath, blinking several times to get his senses back, as he leaned forward, grabbing the edge of the chair to hoist himself back into place. A soft noise made him pause and adjust his glasses while looking around confused.

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It wasn't in any way related the taunting snickers of his peers as he sat back into place, more like the sound of animalistic snarling. His eyes found Zim and stuck, as they always seemed to; about everything. It was, wasn't it? No human could make that noise, but it still seemed Only on the rarest and most threatening occasions, did Zim resort to 'primitive animalistic noises', and that generally pertained to things like grunts, muffled annoying whines, and other vocalizations that humans were perfectly capable of.

This was a growl. The extra terrestrial had a vicious glare jumping from person to person in the classroom. Retractable claws were straining the tips of Zim's three digit gloves as he griped his desk with strength to murder. His mouth was a strait line, but Dib could tell his teeth were gritted. Dib was so superior to all of them and they dared treat him like that?

This planet was messed up.

gaz and zim relationship advice

Zim wanted to strangle them all one by one. It might help his stress. That growl had obviously originated from Zim. Dib cocked his head, studying all the more Long strong limbs for running, grabbing, holding captives suffocatingly still. Lots of pearl white fangish teath, delicate looking little black claws that slid out into longer, curved talons. That deep, throaty rumbling threatening snarl.

Dib had theorized for a while that, despite fizzling on contact with every earth meat Dib had thrown at him so far, Irkens showed signs of a preditorial ancestry. It seemed unnervingly, disturbingly thrilling to the boy. He squirmed a little in his seat, somehow feeling ever more captivated by the creature of fantasy and science fiction. How long had Irkens been evolving for? How many millions of years beyond the human race?

They seemed so close to perfection, yet they still held these little things from their primitive past. Just how much animalistic carnivore traits HAD they retained? Mind consuming, for Dib. Zim seemed simply soaking in an unnatural beauty and dangerous, jerky grace. The insults and chuckles and whispers over Dib's fall had stopped, everyone had their attentions back to the front of the class.

Simple minds, short attention spans. Zim looked over at Dib again, seeming perhaps slightly pleased in some way, satisfied, before going back to whatever he was putting in his notebook. Dib wondered obsessively what Zim was doing, but common sense kept him in chains, restrained from leaning over the kid next to him again and trying to peek. Just like yesterday; the bell rang, the kids ran out screaming. Zim sighed, finished the last scraps of what he was doing, then snapped his book shut before a certain boy who'd dashed across the room, got a chance to see inside.

Dib pouted where he stood, right behind Zim, leaning into his space obnoxiously, hands on the back of the irken's chair. His eyes had barely taken in a symbol or two of what master-plan the irken had created on the paper.

Maybe the boy could snatch the note away when Zim wasn't watching? With a huff, and a quick distasteful frown in Dib's direction, as if sensing the human's thoughts, Zim turned himself away from the teen, swung his arm around behind himself, and thrust the book inside a compartment in his pak, snapping it shut with emphasis. After that the alien stood up quick but stiffly, twisting on his heals, and he marched out of the classroom. He didn't bother to even look at Dib.

The human frowned, nervous verging on hurt. The Irken had always insisted on his superiority, and that Dib was below him, unworthy, like dirt. But as long as the alien looked him in the eye, ranted, and fought with him, even showed an occasional calm friendliness such as letting him borrow something once a year on high interest Dib had never put weight on his supposed 'inferiority' as a human.

Now that he was being ignored, it seemed Zim had put some weight on his words. It felt awful to be unnoticed by the one person whom he'd always counted on for attention. Predictably, he hurried after the invader like a well trained dog on a leash. Zim heard his rushed footsteps as the boy caught up to him and grinned for a hidden second. The Dib was quite pathetically dependable due to his neediness for attention. The extra terrestrail had had nothing to do for a while.

No transmissions since when they'd stopped coming in suddenly a few nights ago. He needed something to do now. If Dib was a good boy Zim might try a little That was what it would be to him. Why would he bother studying something as complicated as human 'love' if not for amusement and self serving intrigue?

It certainly wouldn't help his mission. It would be a And for now he'd just be starting to look into it a tiny bit, when he felt like it, to see if he'd enjoy it at all. When Zim thought about it, he'd also prefer to keep Dib more or less sane if he could. A vegetable-brained arch nemesis could be killed by just pushing them out of a chair.

Not very exciting at all.

gaz and zim relationship advice

Yes, if Dib wanted this 'love' with him, and needed to be with him for his sanity's sake, like he'd insisted Zim smirked triumphantly to himself, expressive eyes reflecting his deep level of thought, as he put a finger to his mouth. He'd follow up his maybe with a light yes, do some research, all just for something to do, and the learning experience, not to mention he was curious how the boy would be effected.

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The Dib was so obedient already. It would be interesting, Zim thought, to be in a position of even more control over him.

If the idea of the relationship became disturbing to the Irken, he could sever it and walk away at any time right? Have everything go back how it was- have everything go his way, either way, right? For now though, he'd have a plan to work on When he felt like it. The cracked up, sickly pale and darkened brown hallway echoed the footsteps of the two as once again they'd been left behind in the lunch rush.

Zim seemed to be leading, with Dib just a step or two behind him, but the alien wasn't really watching where he was going. Dib cleared his throat. At the sound, Zim's thoughts popped and he almost turned to look at the human, but then decided to keep acting as unaware of Dib's presence as possible, see how that affected his future slave.

He continued to stare strait ahead, and hold down the paranoia telling him to keep an eye on the boy only a step behind him and to his left. His proud little inhuman chin was up in the air, eyes appearing bored with everything in the world, lower lip out in a pout, trying to appear depressed like before, yet still dignified.

It actually looked pretty dumb. Dib had a hard time not laughing or asking Zim jokingly if he was high or something. In truth, the idea of possibly starting this new side-mission had the invader feeling much more happy and alive and full of Zim-ness and purpose then before. The depression was fading a little at last, with his mind off his shattered life and empire.

How have you been? The boy fell back a step or two, staring at his feet, fumbling his hands into his pockets. Zim spent several seconds considering whether to answer with a half truth or complete lie, and how to make himself sound most uncaring, and still more or less ignore Dib. He shrugged his thin, almost femininely fragile shoulders, and grunted out a little 'meh' noise.

Dib's eyebrows went up and pinched together and he looked unhappily to the side. Why was Zim ignoring him? Did he do something wrong recently? Was this all about him asking for a relationship? His face warmed up a degree or two. That had been almost a week ago now.

gaz and zim relationship advice

It was starting to fade from his regular thoughts. It seemed like an unspeakable stupidity of the past. Zim seemed to want little to do with Dib now, after that But he'd left that note in his locker! He had to be considering it! Zim wouldn't hesitate to say a very flat, angry, insulting 'no' if he wanted to- and he kindof had when Dib initially asked But then, apparently, he'd changed his mind?

That note WAS from Zim right? Dib had an epiphany of horror, that maybe someone at school was playing a wicked, wretched joke on him, but then he tossed the thought away. The letter had been one word, incredibly spartanic. Someone would have to know the two of them incredibly well, AND know of Dib's visit to the irken's base the day before. That ruled out every person on earth And Dib wouldn't put it past her to do something like that.

She seemed to know everything about everyone.