Frodo and bilbo relationship questions

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frodo and bilbo relationship questions

Bilbo Baggins is Frodo's cousin and uncle (let's just say that Shire But also, Frodo's whole relationship with Gollum has come about because Bilbo did not kill . Frodo parents were killed in a boating accident and that left Frodo and orphone. Bilbo decieded to adopt Frodo and that is their relationship. You are correct, Bilbo is 50 when he meets Gandalf in the Hobbit in The reason why Bilbo and Frodo look younger than what their age.

It is a sad moment and Bilbo makes sure that Thorin knows he is glad to have been through so much with him. It's a powerful thing for Bilbo to say after being so reluctant to get into trouble at the start of it all.

Bilbo Baggins

The quote also made it into the final Hobbit film Battle of the Five Armies though the circumstances of the conversation were changed. Yes, he wants to return home, his experiences and self-discoveries will be etched in his memory forever. It all began when they showed up at his hobbit hole and while that was unwelcome at the time, now it's something Bilbo wouldn't mind so much!

To have Bilbo offer this invitation is quite sweet and meaningful as parting words.

frodo and bilbo relationship questions

Gladly the line made it into the last film as well, allowing for a great scene. We first see it towards the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. Bilbo starts singing this when leaving Bag End: Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can.

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Pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way, where many paths and errands meet. Then the song appears again when Frodo says it when talking to Pippin, only the word eager becomes weary. The last time we hear it is in Return of the King.

Now far ahead the Road has gone, let others follow it if who can. Let them a journey new begin, but I at last with weary feet will turn towards the lighted inn, my evening-rest and sleep to meet.

frodo and bilbo relationship questions

He then adds that Bilbo onde told him "There was only one Road; that it was like a great river: Do you realize that this is the very path that goes through Mirkwood, and that if you let it, it might take you to the Lonely Mountain or even further and to worse places? Every adventure begins with just stepping out the door and who knows exactly where and how far it might take you!

frodo and bilbo relationship questions

Here at the end of all things, Sam. Frodo tells Sam this though and just how close as friends they've become is clear. The quote of course made it into the movie version as well leading to an emotional moment no one can forget. When the hobbits return to the Shire, they free it from Saruman. For he has not hurt me.

frodo and bilbo relationship questions

And in any case I do not wish him to be slain in this evil mood. He was great once, of a noble kind that we should not dare to raise our hands against.

tldr; Gimli and Frodo, together, asked Gandalf about his memories of events

He is fallen, and his cure is beyond us; but I would still spare him, in the hope that he may find it. In stark contrast to the more polished hands from before, there are some closeups that feature his ragged fingernails. Wood was known for having a habit of biting his fingernails. From the intricate costume designs to the life-like props used on set, Weta Workshop has been highly acclaimed for their detailed work. Writer Michael Martinez from Xenite.

Martinez takes things a step further, noting that Frodo did have a higher position within the society at the time. In addition to showing his respect, Sam was also referring to him as "Mister" in order to show the difference in stature. The overall process is fascinating, and the forced perspective technique is shown in greater detail on the Extended Editions of the Lord of the Rings DVDs. To create the illusion, the team needed to use a method of filming involving motion control capture.

In short, this technique would require that both the camera and the platform where the actors were placed to move simultaneously. In one scene, where Frodo is pouring tea for Gandalf, actor Ian McKellen was positioned on a platform which moved in direct response to the motion control capture where the camera was placed. In the final cut in the film, the forced perspective technique created a seamless effect, with a smooth transition from one sequence to the other.

While Frodo ultimately succumbs to the power of the ring, Jackson had wanted to take things a step further by having Frodo actually kill Gollum. According to Peter Jackson: It was straight-out murder, but at the time we were okay with it because because we felt everyone wanted Frodo to kill Gollum. However, it is interesting to note that Bilbo and Frodo are actually cousins.

frodo and bilbo relationship questions

Bilbo and Frodo both have common ancestry with Balbo, and Frodo's father, Drogo Baggins, was second cousins with Bilbo. On his father's side, Frodo is Bilbo's second cousin, once removed.

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On his mother's side, things are a little less complicated. Frodo's mother was born Primula Brandybuck, and she was Bilbo's first cousin on his mother's side. They are both related through their Took ancestry, and if you follow the family tree through Frodo's mother's side, Bilbo and Frodo are first cousins, once removed.