France and quebec relationship

Canada-France Relations

france and quebec relationship

What are some cultural differences between people in Quebec and France? . Relations between Quebec and the rest of Canada is often termed the Two. France and Quebec have certainly always shared a close and unique relationship, but today it takes on an even greater importance. No one is more different than the French from Quebec and the French from France—the lifestyle, the food, interpersonal relationships, culture.

france and quebec relationship

The "Quebec Mafia"[ edit ] The significant contingent of Quebec sovereignty supporters within the French government and the upper levels of the French foreign and civil services primarily, but not exclusively, Gaullistswho came to be known as the "Quebec Mafia" within the Canadian foreign service and the press, took full advantage of the Master Agreement of to further their vision for Canada. While such instances were numerous, two are of particular notoriety: Many of these French officials, notably French Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Jean de Lipkowskigreatly angered and embarrassed the Canadian government by vocally supporting Quebec independence while in Canada.

The media spoke of a "Quebec Mafia" in Paris.

What do the French think of the Québécois?

La Francophonie[ edit ] One issue that sparked tensions between France and Canada began shortly after the creation of la Francophoniean international organization of wholly and partially French-speaking countries modeled somewhat after the Commonwealth of Nations. While Canada agreed in principle to the organization's creation, it was dismayed by France's position that not only should Quebec participate as an equal, independent member, but that the federal government and by omission the other provinces with significant French minorities could not.

This was seen by many French-Canadians outside of Quebec as a betrayal. This was also seen by some Canadians as France supporting the Quebec sovereignty movement.

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Some go as far as saying the Francophonie was created to help push the international recognition of Quebec, but in reality the Francophonie was created to promote international cooperation between all French speaking nations, including many newly independent former French colonies in Africa. The first salvo in the Francophonie affair was launched in the winter of when Gabonunder pressure from France, invited Quebec — and not Canada or the other provinces — to attend a February francophone education conference in Libreville.

Despite protests from the federal government the Quebec delegation attended and was treated to full state honours.

france and quebec relationship

In retaliation, Prime Minister Pearson took the extraordinary step of officially breaking off relations with Gabon.

Pierre Trudeauthen Justice Ministeraccused France of "using countries which have recently become independent for her own purposes" and threatened to break diplomatic relations with France. The next such educational conference, held in in Congo Kinshasawould end in a relative win for the Canadian government. Congo Kinshasawhich was a former colony of Belgiumwas not as susceptible to French pressure as Gabon. At first it sent an invitation only to the federal government, which happily contacted the provinces concerned QuebecNew BrunswickOntarioand Manitoba about organizing a single delegation.

Quebec, dismayed over the lack on an invitation, complained to the French, who then put pressure on Zaire, which then issued a second belated invitation to Quebec — offering as justification Quebec's attendance at the Gabon conference. Despite the last-minute offer, Canada and the provinces had already reached an agreement whereby the provinces would attend as sub-delegations of the main Canadian delegation.

Government of Canada

The final rounds in the effort to include Canada and not Quebec separately in la Francophonie would take place in the months leading up the organizations founding conference in Niger in It was this conference that would set the precedent that would be followed to this day, and so neither France, Quebec, or Canada were prepared to go home the loser.

For its part, France demanded that Quebec — and only Quebec — be issued an invitation. Niger — influenced in no small part by a promise of four years of "special" educational aid, a grant of 20, tons of wheat, and a geological survey of Niger offered by Canadian special envoy Paul Martin Sr.

The invitation, however, left open the prospect of Quebec being issued a separate invitation if the federal government and the provinces could not come to an agreement. Under this arrangement la Francophonie would grow to become a major instrument of Canadian foreign aid on par with the Commonwealth, although clearly less important politically.

Lower Canada then became the province of Quebec.

France and Quebec

From tofive other provinces joined Canada. In the federation, Quebec Province maintained its cultural distinctiveness. A strong nationalist movement seeking more political autonomy for Quebec has developed since The Duplessis government obtained its own provincial taxation system. Ina Liberal party government decided to modernize the economic, educational, and health systems, marking the end of the social and political power of the Catholic church and the beginning of a secular society in which the state plays the dominant role.

French Canadians - History and Cultural Relations

Nationalist aspirations reached their high point in the s. It lost a referendum to negotiate the independence of Quebec in but remained in power until Inthe province was excluded from the new constitution of Canada.

france and quebec relationship

In terms of investment stock, France is the 2nd-largest investor in Quebec 5th investor in Canadabehind the United States and United Kingdom. Nearly half of foreign direct investment come from US companies, more than double the level of FDI in Over French subsidiaries are present in secondary establishments sub-subsidiaries, factories and branch offices and they employ over 30, people some 80, across Canada. Some of these subsidiaries are in the Greater Montreal area.

They have created more than 20, jobs. For more information, consult: The legal framework of our cooperation and its instruments is distinct from those of our cooperation with the federal government of Canada.

Decentralized cooperation is taking off. Exchanges between local governments in France and Quebec have developed considerably in recent years thanks to the France-Quebec decentralized cooperation fund FFQCD established in Decentralized cooperation was opened up in to operations in third countries, with the launch of a call for projects in Haiti.