Eddie thawne and eobard relationship

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eddie thawne and eobard relationship

Eobard Thawne, otherwise known as Professor Zoom and the Reverse-Flash, is a fictional .. In the DC Rebirth relaunch, however, Eobard regained his connection to the negative Speed Force and As Eobard prepares to kill Barry, his ancestor Eddie Thawne commits suicide and seemingly erases Eobard from existence. How Are Eddie & Eobard Thawne Connected On 'The Flash'? Don't think about their family relationship too hard, because it'll make your. However, as of now it doesn't look like Eddie Thawne is Eobard (though if he is, I could totally see his relationship with Iris being an attempt to.

As the Flashes tie him up to stop him from running, Iris discovers Thawne's weapon back in the past which Iris keeps. Hunter Zolomon speaks to him, saying they can help each other be better. In Gorilla Cityone of the apes warns that Professor Zoom has done something horrible to their jungles, something even they do not know. The black power ring downloaded the corpse's memories, resulting in him not knowing of Barry's death and resurrection.

Declaring himself the new " Black Flash ", he attacks Barry who manages to elude for the moment. Zoom becomes the first to inadvertently fulfill his mission, which occurred in the events of The Flash: Rebirth when he freed Allen from the Speed Force following the resurrection.

The Entity proclaims Zoom has completed his task and his life is restored to him, later revealing that Zoom having fulfilled his task is now fully purged of all trace remnants of his Black Lantern ties — both present and future. Zoom does not answer him directly, giving a cryptic response and eventually escaping as Captain Boomerang is confronted by the rest of the Rogues.

After finding out his would-be love interest did not return his affections, Eobard's future self traumatized the reporter as a child, causing the woman to be mute and institutionalized so that they never met each other.

eddie thawne and eobard relationship

He sheds a tear as his altered past self runs past him while saying "It won't last long. You will never find love. You will never be the Flash. Barry Allen destroyed my future.

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It's time I destroyed his. Flashpoint[ edit ] In the Flashpoint storyline, a new timeline is created through the alteration of history. He was unable to alter Barry's transformation into the Flash, however, as that would effectively erase himself from existence. Instead, Thawne decides to ruin Barry's life during the latter's childhood, erasing a best friend from existence to result in greater introversion on Barry's part, and various other torments such as killing Nora.

After Thawne is killed by this reality's Batman with an Amazonian sword, the Flash travels back in time to stop Barry's younger self from altering history but instead, under Pandora 's manipulations, a third, new timeline is created, in which DC Comics' continuity takes place from onwards.

As a child, Eobard witnessed his father murder his mother and subsequently get arrested. One day, he is struck by lightning and gains the ability to control the flow of time around him, making it appear as if he's moving at superhuman speeds. Believing himself to have been "chosen" by the Speed Force as the Flash's replacement, Eobard dons a costume similar to the hero's and begins to terrorize the Gem Cities as "Zoom", demanding the citizens accept him as a King. However, he is enraged when people rebel against him in the Flash's name.

eddie thawne and eobard relationship

Henry Allen Barry's fatherfunding Henry's research lab. But when Henry refuses to help him with an unknown cause, Zoom subsequently murders Nora in order to make Barry endure and give them both an "equal start", and forces Henry to take the blame for his deed, with the threat of Barry's life. Laying low for many years, Zoom reemerges following William Selkirk's defeat, recruiting as an "acolyte" of his. Zoom and his acolytes then cause havoc in the city and put the blame on the Flash, desiring to destroy his nemesis's legacy.

But when his closest "ally" Magali who has been keeping Eobard alive for centuries via powers discover the truth about him, he uses the glove to steal Magali's abilities of affecting the age of organic and inorganic matter, leading to his true nature being exposed to the rest of his acolytes who join forces with the Flash to destroy the device.

After the failure of his plan to be a god, Zoom then takes Henry to the Allen house, with Barry in pursuit. Revealing his backstory to Barry, Eobard proceeds to best Barry in combat and is about to kill until the Flash realizes how Eobard's powers work, and then proceeds to counter by moving time forward — finally defeating him.

Thawne brutally beats and verbally taunts Bruce before picking up the Buttonwhich teleports him away to an unknown location. Thawne is then teleported back to the Batcave, having been bathed in radiation by a mysterious entity. As he collapses, Thawne says "God Labs for further examination, but it is revealed that he was able to survive his near-death experience via his connection to the negative Speed Force, the energy of which grants him accelerated regeneration and healing.

Eddie tried to nudge them away with pool toys, though they had little effect. However, The Flash intervened, zapping them away with static electricity, leaving Eddie to think that he'd done all of the work.

When animal control arrived, the man commended Thawne for being able to do what he did, and Eddie mocked Barry for allegedly hiding and seemingly soiling himself.

They reached the police department, where Eddie bragged about his achievement, only to soon be sent back out to a homicide. They concurred that the homicide was connected to the zoo outbreak, and started to look through the deeds of several companies scattered all over the floor. A short while later, Eddie and Iris attended a sports game. At half-time, Eddie labelled the surprise of a circus as "crappy", to which Iris simply mocked him, asking if he was afraid of the circus.

Eddie attempted to go get some extra beer, though Iris made him stay to watch, kissing as he sat back down. Bliss soon struck fear in to everyone, causing Eddie to hallucinate seeing himself pointing a gun, apparently a past traumatic experience.

However, Eddie, along with the rest of the crowd, was rushed outside of the stadium, claiming to have a raging headache. He attempted to keep everyone calm by announcing that he was police.

Eddie was present with various other police members at the scene of a robbery. He downloaded surveillance footage, of which only showed one perpetrator.

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However, Barry found evidence leading to the idea that it was in fact six people. After unintentionally implying that Captain Singh could have been a suspect due to similar shoe size, Eddie walked off in embarrassment to survey the rest of the crime scene.

Eddie later came to visit Iris in Barry's lab. While they immediately acted distant, Barry reminded them that he knew of their situation and they proceeded to kiss. A while later, Eddie and Joe visited Simon Staggwho had been shot at only a day before.

They asked questions about Danton Blacka former employee of his, though Stagg denied that it would ever be him. As Simon walked away, Danton and his masked clones began shooting at the three of them, forcing them to run for cover. When the coast was almost clear, Eddie took Stagg to safety.

That night, Eddie visited Iris at her work.

Eddie Thawne

There they watched an interview with him on TV, and soon after he left for the police department to help with the hunt for Black.

Eddie arrived on to the scene of the murders of the Darbinyan crime family. He suggested the idea that they were gassed to death, though witnesses had allegedly seen no one outside at the time, therefore concluding that it had happened from the inside. Joe went on to determine that there had to be a canister of sorts somewhere, though Barry was sure that the gas could've had a mind of its own.

Though Barry appeared to treat it as a joke, Joe's interest was peaked and so sent Eddie off to canvas the area again. Sometime later, Eddie came to visit Iris, under the impression that Joe had gone out. Eddie claimed to have been looking for Joe and suggested that they go back to the crime scene to re-canvass, to "always work the case", as Joe had proudly taught him. While Joe went to wait in the car, Eddie pretended to go to the toilet while he actually kissed Iris, getting annoyed that the secrecy, all Iris' idea, was potentially killing their relationship.

Following their encounter, Iris met Eddie at the police precinct, claiming they needed to talk. Although Eddie initially mistook it for her breaking up with him, Iris explained that she was simply afraid of losing her first serious boyfriend.

Before Eddie could walk off, still under the impression that she was breaking up with him, Iris pulled him back, kissing him in full public view. That night, Eddie was called by Barry whom he told Joe's location to: Iron Heights Prison, visiting his dad. After Joe was hospitalized, Eddie and Iris finally decided to tell him the truth. However, putting it down to his detective skills, Joe admitted that he was already fully aware.

Despite being angry, Joe promised he'd try his hardest not to shoot Eddie. After Leonard Snart made an attempt to rob the Kahndaq dynasty diamond, Eddie along with Joe arrived at the scene. Eddie questioned how the driver who was shot made it to St. Eddie later revealed Iris had previously talked him into going to the Khandaq Dynasty diamond exhibit. Eddie later told Joe that he's serious about Iris and he could see himself married to her.

Eddie and Joe then furthered their conversation about Iris to which Eddie said they should just listen to the radio though it only made things more awkward between the two. When Eddie saw Felicity's dress, he suggested Iris buy the same dress. Eddie later incorrectly answered the name of Han Solo's ship after being over excited.

At the Central City train station chasing Snart, Eddie was told by Joe to stay back and wait for back up though Eddie later reminded Joe that they're partners so he doesn't take orders.

Caitlin Snow where Caitlin also expressed attraction to Eddie yet Cisco expressed distrust in him, mainly out of jealousy. Later Eddie, Joe and Barry investigated a bombing at an office building though were unable to find what was stolen. Eddie later witnessed Joe being forced to hand over the instigation to General Eiling on Singh's orders. While Tony Woodward was being chased by police, Eddie shot Tony in the head multiple times though he was shocked when none of them penetrated him.

Eddie was then nearly ran over by Woodward though Joe pushed him out of the way. When Eddie told Barry about what happened with Tony, Barry told him Tony must've had some body armor where Eddie reminded him he shot Woodward in the face. When Iris came to visit, he noticed something was wrong between Barry and Iris.

While investigating, Eddie admitted that he was intimidated by Barry at first, admitting that Barry is a good guy and how close the two were. After asking the workers about Woodward, one of them fled where Eddie and Barry chased him down. After Barry ran in front, Eddie tackled the man and asked what happened to Tony. Eddie later asked Barry how he managed to get in front of them.

At the precinct, Eddie and Barry blew off some steam together where Eddie was shocked when Barry punched through the punching bag. When Iris was kidnapped by Tony, Eddie stayed as calm as he could but very shacked up. Eddie and Joe visited a crime scene with Barry where the victim was burnt to a crisp by electricity while nothing else was, despite numerous combustible objects nearby and no electrical objects around. Later Iris visited Eddie at the precinct by it was held up by William Tockman who took Iris, Joe and every cop hostage but Eddie managed to avaid him.

As Tockman attempted to get Singh to give him a helicopter Eddie attacked him only to be shot and Tockman took Iris as leverage, though Joe managed to convince Tockman to say her goodbyes to Eddie. Eddie then used this chance to slip Iris a gun which she used to defeat Tockman as Eddie was taken to the hospital. Eddie and Iris were making out in his apartment, showing disbelief in the Flash when Iris brought him up, and went to a crime scene where all the people in the back tried to murder each other and Eddie comforted one of the people.

Eddie began to notice all the strange occurrences in Central City and believed the Flash to be responsible and asked Singh to organize a taskforce to capture him though he disbelieved him and Iris became mad at him for hating the Flash.

Later when Eddie and Iris were driving back to his apartment they began to fight about the Flash and Iris confessed to having met the Flash a few times which Eddie felt outraged about, but the Flash himself abruptly took Eddie from the car and started beating him down in the street as at the time the Flash was manipulated by the Rainbow Raider.

However the Arrow arrived and fought the Flash which allowed Eddie and Iris to escape, but later Eddie visited Iris and told her that Singh approved the taskforce and he vowed to take him in which she now supported. After seeing Iris's Christmas present from Barry, her mother's wedding ring, Eddie suspected Barry harbored feelings for Iris though she denied it as Eddie gave Iris a present himself; a key to his apartment to move in with him which she accepted.

Eddie later investigated a murder and thieving at Mercury Labs and he suspected the Flash's involvement due to the sighting of a blur. Later Eddie and Joe went to S. WellsCisco and Caitlin set a trap for the attacker but found not the Flash but his nemesis the Reverse-Flash.

After Reverse-Flash escaped and severely beat Wells he attacked and killed the other cops but let Eddie live as the Flash himself attacked Reverse-Flash. Later Eddie wondered why Reverse-Flash let him live and Joe confessed to the existence of meta-humans, like the Flash and his counter, and told Eddie their existence needed to be kept secret. Following Joe's revelation regarding Meta-humans and The Flash saving his life on numerous occasions he has come to see The Flash as a hero rather than a vigilante.

He punched Barry after her confused his feelings to Iris but later apologized after Catlin covered for Barry saying that is was a result of the lightening striking him and receiving treatment at S. With Joe's support, Barry reveals himself as the Flash to Eddie in an effort to convince him to help them protect Iris; she was investigating the disappearance of Mason Bridge and they did not want her to get too close to their suspect for her own safety.

Eddie later lies to Iris, suggesting that Mason had run away to Brazil, making up a story about a liaison with a mysterious woman when in reality he was murdered by Wells who subsequently hid his corpse.

When discussing their story with Joe and Barry, Eddie makes it clear that he has doubts in regards to keeping Iris in the dark for her own safety but decides to argue about it another time.

He listens as Barry reveals his suspicions that Wells is the Reverse-Flash. While having the Flash assist his arrests makes his job in apprehending criminals easier, Eddie struggles to keep Barry's secret with Iris, believing she deserved to know, but Joe told him to keep hide it from her.

This strained their relationship, as Iris didn't think Eddie should hide anything from her. While eating at a restaurant with Iris, Barry, Ray Palmerand Felicity SmoakIris berated Eddie for hiding his secret and stops living with him for a little bit. Barry and Eddie later tracked down a meta-human named Hannibal Bates, who could shape-shift into anyone he came into contact with.

Hannibal framed Eddie by transforming into him and shooting two cops. Thankfully, the Flash defeated Hannibal and the video evidence proved Eddie's innocence. Eddie told Iris that his secret is that he was working with the Flash and they started to rekindle their relationship. When the team neared their plan to capture Harrison Wells after discovering that he was the Reverse-Flash, Eddie planned to propose to Iris.

He asked for Joe's blessing but Joe refused to give it. He later goes over to the bridge, but just as he is about to propose, the ring is captured by the Reverse-Flash, who knocked Eddie down. Reverse-Flash revealed himself to Eddie as his descendant from the future, Eobard Thawne.

Eobard Thawne

Though the imprisoned Eddie tried telling his future family member that he would fail and Flash's team would stop them, Eobard revealed Eddie's fate in the future.

Eddie would go down as one of the most forgettable Thawnes in his lineage due to his uneventful life as a detective, and Eobard devastates Eddie when he reveals that Iris will marry Barry in the future instead of him. Eobard revealed to Eddie that he was planning to return to the future. When Eobard activated the particle accelerator, the team found the trapped Eddie and manage to free him.