Draupadi and arjun relationship counseling

Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen by Kavita Kané

draupadi and arjun relationship counseling

Also Subhadra and Draupadi accompany Arjuna to outskirts of the forest. This relationship is inspiration for plays as old as 1st century AD, again could be just folk, . Even, Sakuni the evil counselor vanishes at certain point in Vana Parva. It is unlikely that your spouse will be a perfect Draupadi or Arjuna; instead, we should remember Premarital counseling is effective; we highly recommend it. 1 Etymology; 2 Birth; 3 Marriage; 4 Draupadi as the Empress King Drupada of Panchala had been defeated by the Pandava prince Arjuna on behalf of Duryodana with his counsellor Purochana hatched a plan to burn the Pandavas alive.

Bhima felt aggrieved by her insult in the Kuru court and could not forgive himself for not having had the freedom to fight for her when she needed it the most. As a result, he felt he should do anything Draupadi wanted, just to relive the gloom of this tiresome exile. He felt that as a princess and an empress, she deserved better. Yudhisthir felt that as Arjun had won her hand in marriage, this was bound to be the case.

Fact is, though Arjun loved Draupadi very much, he had a wondering eye and had other wives to occupy his attension.

draupadi and arjun relationship counseling

They loved her very much and Draupadi mothered them with her affection. Instead, she asked for Yudhisthir to be freed first. If she had loved Arjun more, would she not have turned to him? Indeed, had she turned to Bhima, she may have had a better chance of getting instant justice! Instantly, Drupadi came forward to offer a bowl of cold water to staunch his blood flow. If Drupadi had loved Arjun more, would she not have gone to greet and congratulate Arjun rather than help Yudhisthir?

Yudhisthir always felt that Drupadi loved Arjun more — despite evidence to the contrary. By not verbalising it, he kept it as a smouldering complaint in his own heart. Yudhisthir vented his frustration when it was too late for Drupadi to answer his charge. Drupadi married the Pandavas for their strength and unity. At her svayamvar, her only condition was, she will marry a brave and capable archer.

She was happy to marry a brave pauper rather than a soft prince. After Yudhisthir's defeat at the dice, when Karna advised her to chose a Kaurav prince as her new Lord, he was mocking her for having rejected him and Duryodhan at her svayamvar. People who choose to stand with you in your dire-most circumstance, are hardly going to abandon you at other times.

Drupadi refused to abandon her husbands and indeed, for the second time she was the one who rescued them from a hopeless situation. After her marriage and after the gambling match, it was Drupadi who helped Pandavas regain their lost rights. Of all the wives of Pandavas, Drupadi was the only one who chose to share their 13 year exile with them. Drupadi worked hard to please her husbands and her mother-in-law. She also worked hard as an empress and made sure the palace ran like clockwork.

Even during their exile in the jungle, where she had fewer maids and servants to contend with, Drupadi was in charge of feeding several hundred brahmins per day. Taking her duty very seriously, she made sure everyone — including the servants — were fed first before taking her meal. Such attention to detail and leadership charmed all those who met her. Despite all this, Draupadi suffered more than most.

She had to suffer the questions of society by marriage to five men!!!!! People found this endlessly intriguing and she was asked about this by all and sundry. Sometimes as a joke, sometimes as a question, sometimes as a shock response, sometimes as a surprise, rarely as a genuine enquiry into how she felt.

She had to suffer the myriad restrictions of being a wife of the Eldest Pandava. There were times when she would have wanted to tell Duryodhan to shut up, but as the eldest daughter-in-law, she had to behave like the eldest in the family without all the respect that was due to her.

She had to suffer the idiosyncrasies of all her five husbands.

How Enjoyed Draupadi Wedding Night With All Pandavas कैसी थी द्रौपदी की सुहागरात

The Karna-Draupadi love saga a side-story, that was composed much later by folk cultures like the Bhils has been taken into unbearable heights by the author.

Draupadi, in this novel, forgives Karna for goading her molestation at the dice-game bcoz she loves him! Now, intelligent creative liberties are always welcome, but improbable ones?

Kane, however, chooses to make her a strange combination of dumb and wicked. Every now and then, Kane's Kunti chants and discloses her plans and schemes to the wife of her sons' arch rival - Uruvi. And the most laughable part? Kunti, of all people, justifies how Karna is 'technically' right in calling Draupadi a whore, because apparently the scriptures say so!

Relationship Between Krishna and Draupadi

Firstly, Kane's interpretation of the particular shloka in the said scripture is wrong. And even if that is the case, why didn't Kane's Kunti point out the fallacy when Draupadi was being married off to her five sons? So, Kane inserts another justification here - her Kunti "forgot" about the rule during Draupadi's marriage!

Artistic liberty is one thing.

draupadi and arjun relationship counseling

Improbable and implausible logic is quite another. Now, whether he was flawed or flawless, that can be debated.

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But, Arjun's general calm and detached nature is well-known. Again, Kane chooses to use her own interpretations, and renders a hot-headed Arjun to contrast her version of "wiser" Karna. Now finally, the MOST annoying part of this novel: Karna was a dynamic man, now carved into public memory as the quintessential 'tragic hero'. He had virtues, as well as flaws. Often, Karna's abominable role in the dice-game acts as a primary reason for many people to dislike him. Kane is aware of this. She makes at least four different characters including Draupadi herself chant how Karna's conduct at the dice-game was "justified" and only an "outburst" bcoz he was rejected for his caste an incident, which has been officially identified as a later addition to Vyas' Sanskrit text.

Throughout the book, Kane keeps reminding the reader that she insulted him first, and thus Karna "only" retaliated by getting her molested and it was all "justified". An author's job is to show the perspective of the protagonist.

However, Kane does this not so subtly, but rather by rubbing the Swayamvar incident into the nose of the reader again and again to rile up sentimental admirers of the tragic hero.