Donna moss and josh lyman relationship tips

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donna moss and josh lyman relationship tips

But what those shows lack that The West Wing had in spades was a collection of crashes Abbey Bartlet's birthday party and debates British/Irish relations with Toby. .. Donna Moss (Janel Moloney): Josh Lyman's assistant and the eventual Chief of .. A Visitor's Guide to America's Great Big Border Wall. It's hard to talk about Josh and Donna “getting” each other without DC about the nature of their relationship as outsider Amy flatly asks, “Are you dating your assistant? Tagged Aaron Sorkin, bradley whitford, Donna Moss, janel moloney, "Advice" · Beauty · Book Reviews · Fandom · Feminism · Music. Continuity guide for the West Wing. for the Santos campaign. Age: 20s; Played By: Janel Moloney; Relationships/Threads: Josh Lyman and Donna Moss.

Chemistry happened, and those few lines earned her an extra scene in the pilot episode. The best things come to those who wait. Josh and Donna take their sweet time to get together, eventually locking lips in a moment of euphoria, mid-Season 7. But the beauty of the slow burn is that all of the little moments feel like big ones. The best thing is, these delightful occurrences come on the regular.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship tips

Those stories would make me like you. Yes, I took every single piece of bait they threw at me for seven seasons. Individually, they are two of the most dynamic, complex, heartbreaking and amusing characters in their show — or in any show, period.

Donna is witty, confident, brave, compassionate, determined, and incredibly good at all the jobs we see her have.

Donna embarks on an arc of empowerment through the later seasons of the show, a storyline that sees her all the way to the office of FLOTUS chief of staff. Whether she is pursuing her ambitions, bringing the comic relief or providing a moral compass, Donna Moss is a constant joy. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land. Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney.

Moloney said of their collaboration: Any scene I do with Brad is particularly enjoyable. On their characters, both conceded that the pair belong together. Married with a kid, they agreed. I will not be calm.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship tips

They bring the funny. Their witty repartee never ceases to entertain me.

10 Reasons to Love Josh and Donna

Always a delightful dose of sharp dialogue and sizzling chemistry, biting sarcasm permeates their every exchange. At times, most times really, they resemble an old married couple — reluctantly sharing food, dressing each other, having their petty squabbles and sharing the most over-familiar rapport. However, her citizenship is quickly restored after the discovery of a grandfather clause in the law. Josh identifies Donna as a Protestant. Donna moved to Wisconsinwhere she attended University of Wisconsin—Madison and dropped out halfway through to support her boyfriend as he went through medical school.

After her boyfriend graduated, he dumped Donna. She then left Madison and drove to New Hampshire to work for the "Bartlet for America" campaign, even going so far as to pretend she'd already been hired as Josh Lyman 's assistant.

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Josh discovers the deception but is somewhat amused by it and, impressed by her initiative, hires her. It is mentioned that she briefly left the campaign to return to her boyfriend, but returned following an incident when, after Donna sprained her ankle in a car accident, her boyfriend chose to meet his friends for a drink rather than immediately pick her up from the hospital. Donna remains Josh's assistant during Josiah Bartlet 's first presidential term and the beginning of his second.

Her job during this time usually takes the form of little more than a secretary albeit in an unusually challenging and glorified environment until Josh sends her as an observer on a Congressional delegation CODEL to Gaza in response to her request for opportunities for job growth.

While in Gaza, Donna sustains a serious injury as a result of a terrorist attack on the American convoy. She gradually recovers from those injuries.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship tips

Donna returns to her duties at the White House but eventually quits her job in the Season 6 episode "Impact Winter" to become senior aide to Will BaileyVice President Bob Russell 's presidential campaign manager. Her new position places her in direct conflict with Josh, who has convinced Congressman Matt Santos to run for the Democratic nomination for president, with himself as campaign manager.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship tips

After Santos wins the nomination, Donna applies to work for Josh at the Santos campaign. However, personal attacks she made on Santos as Russell's press secretary force Josh to refuse her application, although he reveals during the job interview that he misses her "every day".