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2 Australian Rules is adapted from Philip Gwynne s book, Deadly Unna? It s about relationships: between fathers and sons, mothers and sons, husbands and wives, blackfellas and whitefellas. Blacky and his family live in The Port where the whites live. . Why are Clarence and Gary drawn closer after Dumby s death ?. and electronic forms, you will broaden your understanding of the relationship between personal This extract comes from Deadly Unna by Phillip Gwynne. What is the Black scoring system? A. One person is What is the name of Blacky's dad and Pickle's parents? A. What sport does Clarence play? A. Are You The Type Of Person Who Cheats In A Relationship? Related.

The book is not only a classic coming-of-age story about a young boy growing up in a small town experiencing financial downturn and trying to make sense of the world and his place in it; it also gently explores Australia's inherent racism towards the first inhabitants, the Aborigines. It doesn't explicitly pass judgement, though it certainly takes a side; and it doesn't exactly explain anything, only provokes emotion and thought in readers - which is ideal.

You will hear people make derogatory, stereotypical comments and statements that are highly offensive, but they are made with a kind of "you know what I mean" offhandedness, a matter-of-fact "everyone understands this" evenness that appals. It is the dismissive casual attitude with which the comments are made that truly offend and dismay because it makes it clear just how inherent and thoughtless such attitudes are.

Non-Aboriginal Australians can't say "white Australians" anymore because the irony is that it's a country of immigrants and it's only in outlying rural areas that you see a majority race - white - in effect have inherited an attitude of complete contempt towards the Aborigines, a ridiculous "I wash my hands of them" dismissiveness that implies that we tried in the first place.

The inhabitants of Gary Black's small town on the coast of South Australia are very typical of Australians at large.


At times it's subtle; other times, blatant; but always casual. No one wastes much energy in doing anything about it. Everyone seems to think the same way, and anyone who disagrees - like possibly Blacky's mum - keeps their opinions to themselves. The idea that someone would speak up and denounce a person for making a racist comment is laughable.

And of course, the kinds of things said about the Aborigines are things that white Australians are just as guilty of: When the white kids - Blacky and his friends - hear that a group of young Nungas are heading into town, they get all tense and antagonistic - a kind of inherited rivalry exists between them, something they've picked up on from their parents and other adults in the community, and imitate without really understanding just what they're perpetuating.

Usually the Nungas came into town, got their supplies and left again. But sometimes a mob would walk all the way from the Point. I'd heard them talking in the front bar about the good old days, about huge brawls down the jetty, Nungas against Goonyas. But I'd never been in one. I wouldn't want to, either. Those Nungas were tough, much tougher than us.

Fifteen, twenty, a lot. A tribe of 'em. I could see them now, at the start of the jetty. They were mucking around with the ropes that went out to the dinghies. Perhaps part of the fun for them was putting the white kids on edge.

What's noticeable is the vast disconnect between them. Not only are the two groups on opposing sides, not only are the locals distrustful of the Nungas, but no one ever makes any attempt to actually learn if any of it's true or not. No one wants to befriend an Aboriginal, to learn about them, understand them, see another perspective.

That's what makes Blacky unusual, and that's what makes his position in the town somewhat precarious. As anyone who's ever been caught up in schoolyard bullying knows, it's pretty difficult to go against the status quo without making yourself a really vulnerable target. Easier - and often safer - to go with the flow, keep your head down and your mouth shut at best, or join in. When Blacky takes the unprecedented step of walking all the way to the Point, his first impression is one of confusion.

The Point was not a big chance in the Tidy Towns competition, I can assure you of that. Not even in Section B. The streets weren't sealed and there were hardly any trees.

Most of the houses were fibro, but there were a few brick ones as well. But that's not right, something's wrong. Then I realised what it was.

The houses all had doors and windows. And according to the front bar the first thing Nungas do when they move into a new house is rip the doors off their hinges and smash all the windows. So that was the image I had in my head. Well, not any more. Do you agree with this description? One of the strengths of the characterizations in the film is that they are so different and varied.

Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Discuss these views with other class members, with reference to particular characters including Arks, Bob Black, Gary, Dumby, Clarence and Darcy. Gary Black Gary Black, or Blacky as he is known, is the sixteen-year-old Goonya whitefella whose experiences are central to the film s story.

Gary is the second eldest in a large rowdy family. Unlike the other boys, Gary reads voraciously and is obsessed with improving his vocabulary. When the Aboriginal player Carol is arrested prior to the championship final, Blacky is promoted to the key position of ruckman.

Gary is central to the whole story of Australian Rules. Write your own description of Gary and then compare what you have written with other class members. Gary s two main friends are Pickles and Dumby Red. Explain the very different relationships Gary has with the two boys. Write a description of Pickles and Dumby Red as though you are expressing Gary s viewpoint about their characters and qualities.

Why does Gary have problems with his father? Why doesn t Gary fi t with his peers and community? What makes him different?

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship quizzes

Why is Gary so upset about the Grand Final celebrations? Why was it so important to Gary to attend Dumby s funeral? Why do you think Gary and Clarence were drawn to each other? Do you think Gary was brave? Discuss your answer with reference to various scenes in the film. Dumby Red Dumby is a Nunga blackfella who lives on the Aboriginal mission nearby. He is the star of the football team. Dumby could be described as the cool, charismatic Aboriginal kid.

Why or why not? Write your own short descriptions of Dumby and compare them with others in the class. Why do you think Dumby was cheated out of the Best on Ground medal and it was given instead to the white coach s son?

Why might Dumby have gone to the break-in at the pub? Why were Dumby and Gary such good friends? Pickles Pickles takes on the role of harmless deviant and anti-hero in the film. Do you agree with this description of Pickles? What other words would you use to describe Pickles? Why is he in so many ways a sad character? Why does Pickles try to white ant or undermine Darcy?

What might have motivated him to sabotage Darcy s business? But the mood soon changes when the police arrive and take Carol Cockatoo away.

What impressions do we gain of Arks coaching ability? How does he try to pump the team up? How does the mood change when the police arrive? Why was Blacky promoted to the ruck? How do we know that Pretty has grudges against members of the white 5 community at this early stage in the Gary s family life How does Gary s mother try to keep some respectability and order in the household? How do we know she is interested in football tactics? Why do you think Gary is so frightened when his father asks him to cut the net off the propeller?

Why does Bob call him a gutless wonder? What sort of relationship does Gary have with his brother and other siblings? Why did Gary gather his siblings together and sleep in the garden one night? How would you describe the relationship between Gary s father and mother? What is the chocolate in the fridge symbolic of in Gary s house?

Write a paragraph from Gary s point of view expressing his thoughts about his family life. The Grand Final match On the day of the Grand Final, it seems the whole town, black and white has turned out to watch the game. Why was Gary so frightened about being up against Thumper?

Why did the Aboriginal players in the team arrive late? How would you describe Pickles antics in the game? Why did it seem inevitable that Pickles would cause a fight? Who actually started to defend Pickles? Why do you think Dumby passed the ball to his cousin when he could have goaled? Why did Gary s mother visit the rooms and how did she help the outcome of the game? Write a headline and report for the local newspaper describing the Grand Final match?

Or In pairs, develop an oral commentary on the game. How does the film-maker develop our sense that a relationship is developing between Gary and Clarence at this stage? Presentation night When Glen Bryce makes the Presentation night speech, he says that when you get out on the paddock, it doesn t matter where you come from. What do you think the audience felt about his views?

In what ways did Pretty behave provocatively? Why didn t Dumby win the medal for Best on Ground? What was the reaction to this from Dumby, Gary, Pretty, and others in the hall? The break-in at the pub In the film, it appears that Dumby and Pretty might have been driven to the break-in as an act of frustration after being denied recognition for Dumby s performance in the Grand Final. We also learn that Pretty has been in trouble before.

Who were the two drunk men in the bar? Do you think it was an accident when Bob Black killed Dumby? How did Bob feel about what happened after the event? Why are Clarence and Gary drawn closer after Dumby s death? Why did Bob get away with the killing? Suggest what might have been going through Gary s mind as the police interviewed his father outside their house.

How thorough do you think the police investigation was into the incident? How did Gary feel after the loss of his mate? Why did Bob say to Gary, we have to keep tight on this and back each other up? Events after the shooting Why was Gary so unsympathetic to Darcy about the loss of his gents? Why does Clarence visit Gary at his home? Why does she tell Gary to shut up?

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship quizzes

How does Bob react when he fi nds Clarence and Gary together? How did Arks react to Dumby s death? What do you think the club was not going to do anything for Dumby s funeral? Why was it so important to Blacky for him to go to Dumby s funeral? Why was it symbolic that Gary took the chocolate? Why did he go to stay at Pickles house? How did Gary s Mum react to the news that he planned to go to the funeral?

How can you explain the various reactions to his presence from Dumby s family? Gary speaks to Dumby as he pays his respects. He says, You were deadly unna.

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You were Best on Ground. What did he mean by deadly unna? What else did Gary do to express his love for Dumby? Why did Gary s father say, You are no longer welcome in this house, not after today? Why would Gary and Clarence have felt they should leave town? What are the film s final images?