Chowder and panini relationship advice

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chowder and panini relationship advice

See more ideas about Cartoon network shows, Chowder cartoon and Chowder. Chowder cartoon #schnitzel aka chris Old Cartoon Network, Chowder Cartoon Network, . He works as an apprentice to famous chef Mung Daal who is always offering Chowder advice on love and cooking. Panini .. My friends relationship. If you secretly love someone my advice is to keep building up courage to tell start to talk to him slowly first and gain a relationship and then see if he gives Well panini likes chowder cause she thinks he is a man and makes panini coo coo. This article explains the (mostly one-sided) relationship/attraction between Chowder and Panini. Chowder - He is a cat/bear/rabbit creature that likes to eat a lot.

These are from Chowder's girlfriend! Jeez, how many times do I have to tell you?! The door quickly opened. The restraining order never said anything about love letters.

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In fact, you shouldn't be talking to me! I can't come within one hundred yards of you! You should leave or else the police'll come! Chowder sighed as he bathed in the light-green, awful-smelling juice.

Gazpacho huffed, "I'd love to help you, Chowder, but customers are asking for the pickles and I can't leave them there standing. He stared up at the blazing sun and something caught his eye. A large billboard with his smiling face on it. Chowder's mouth hung open as it read: To my special Num-Nums!

I love you, Chowder! I hope one day we'll be together so we can start a family and die together! I've never had a more handsome and thoughtful boyfriend! I've been wondering about you. Did you get that girl to stop stalking you? Nothing can knock sense into a woman when she's in love. Pretty soon she'll start calling during the middle of the night and send you flowers I don't want my face on a billboard!

I don't want Panini to like me! It's going to be okay Panini won't stop bothering me! Do you want me to yell at Schnitzel to make you feel better? Schnitzel devoured his own breakfast while he sat next to him. Chowder licked his lips and turned to his friend.

chowder and panini relationship advice

And what do you mean by s —! Well, anyway, she's the girl who keeps sending me love letters and I don't like her back and sometimes she tries to kiss me I don't like her back! Chowder gulped as he fearfully raised a fist to knock weakly on the door in front of him. The large oak door opened with such force Chowder almost flew forward into Panini's house. The little pink kitten stood in the doorway; her bright eyes sparkled with happiness. I'm so glad you came by! I was just going to send you more letters when you knocked on the door and I —!

Panini stared at it and asked: What about it, Num-Nums? The ripped bits of the restraining order fell to their feet. Panini smiled and leaned over to hug Chowder. He ducked, turned around, and told her: No more letters or billboards. I want you back to your same less-icky self.

Panini laughed and started to pick up the remains of the restraining order. And wait for me, Num-Nums! I have to give you a nice sloppy kiss! Wow, my first Chowder story! And my second oneshot that doesn't suck! But I loved this little fiction, I think it's cute. I love the part with Schnitzel and Chowder Schnitzel is my favorite character of coursehe is too funny! Anyway, I hope you guys find it funny too! Alright, I went through and edited the thing. He likes things with odors unpleasant for the other characters, and he "talks" by making flatulent sounds.

Kimchi is usually shown with a blank personality but in "Stinky Love" it is shown that he has an opinion. A woolly mammoth storekeeper who sells strange produce and ingredients at the farmer's market.

He does his best to offer advice to Chowder when needed. He lives with his overbearing mother, who never appears on screen, but is present at the end of episode "Gazpacho! In "The Spookiest House in Marzipan" it is hinted at that Gazpacho has no mother, and that he actually suffers with dissociative identity disorderbut creator Greenblatt says this was merely to "pay homage to Psycho ". Gazpacho shows no interest in moving out and improving his own life.

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Gazpacho's worst enemies are ninjas. Greenblatt named him after the cold soup gazpacho ; Greenblatt said that he did not know why, but the name suited the character immediately.

A year-old pink cabbit who has a crush on Chowder and reminds him at every opportunity. Chowder does not return the feelings and responds with "I'm not your boyfriend! Panini is an apprentice to Ms. Endive, and is also possessive of Chowder. Panini gets jealous when she sees Chowder with another girl, in which Chowder really does to avoid her. Her original character concept had her bully Chowder in a manner described by Greenblatt as similar to Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.

Greenblatt did not like characters similar to Angelica and believed that he needed to make Panini "cuter and sweeter". Panini's name literally means "sandwiches" in Italian, while her former name, Borlotti, is a type of beans. Endive voiced by Mindy Sterling: An obeseintelligent, and somewhat snobbish year-old female chef who teaches cooking to Panini with strict discipline. She's also occasionally portrayed as the show's main antagonist or villain.

She is usually depicted as gargantuan in size. She regularly berates Mung Daal, whom she considers a rival. Endive is first seen in the second episode with Panini, "Chowder's Girlfriend". The creator describes her as Martha Stewart with Oompa-Loompa colors.

The long nose, which changed from a rectangular shape to a triangle shape for the final version, represents how Endive looks down at other characters. It was revealed in later episodes that Ms. Endive is in love with Shnitzel. Greenblatt said that he felt that her evolution throughout the series was fun to observe, especially when William Reiss wrote plots involving Endive. Greenblatt is a photorealistic pink creature who always gives advice to Chowder and his friends and occasionally provides interstitial narrations, especially at times where particularly corny humor is displayed.

His name is revealed for the first and last time ever in the show's run in the episode "Brain Grub", where it is known that after Chowder alters the animated universe, Kiwi is reduced to selling used cars.

Gorgonzola voiced by Will Shadley: A young green rat apprentice candle holder with an unlikeable attitude. He shows jealousy over Chowder which is, in fact Chowder having a better job than him.

chowder and panini relationship advice

Since blue cheese was one of the few foods Greenblatt disliked, he decided to use the name " gorgonzola " for a character who did not get along with Chowder. Gorgonzola resembles a green opossum or a green rat. He wears tattered brown clothes and no shoes, and has a partially melted candle on his head for traditional reasons.

He is desperate to get cash, and will do almost anything to get it. Gorgonzola also loves to play Sniffleball, as seen in the episode Sniffleball. Despite his unpleasant and boastful attitude to Chowder, Chowder sees him as a close friend, which irritates him even more. Gorgonzola is an apprentice to Stilton, who is a candle holder, hence why both characters have burning candles on their heads.