Chalk and cheese relationship counseling

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chalk and cheese relationship counseling

no that's no a sponge and a piece of vinyl pipe its Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese attending a marriage guidance session together - hopefully because they're. Oct 3, The New York Times recently reported that therapists are seeing a rise So what's it like to be in a chalk-and-cheese relationship, and how do. Jun 25, Her description of the relationship between her and her husband is like that Certainly you wouldn't confuse chalk and cheese, just as you wouldn't I'm a therapist with a spiritual bent and have written three books, none of.

My love for extra cheese with every meal surely means that I am the cheese and that unbearable squeaky chalk ripping its way down the chalkboard can only represent the annoyance that is my husband. But as popular belief suggests, do opposites really attract? Or are we one chalk squeak away from marital ruin? In terms of physics, opposites very much DO attract! It is commonly known that two positives fields will not produce energy. A negative and a positive, on the other hand, can make sparks fly.

But is this more a scientific principle than a romantic one? And if the latter, can they stay together without driving each other insane? Let me tell share with you, my own experience… When I first met my husband — many moons ago — there were no flying sparks.

The time did not stand still. Nor did we catch eyes in a crowded room and fall instantly in love. And the rest, as they say, was history! Fortunately, we swapped digits and our one night of passion soon turned into a lifetime of love and romance squabbling and disagreements.

Forget being on different pages, we were from entirely different books! On our first date, he talked about his love of travel. In fact, my husband is so well-read that our living room walls are practically a tribute to his vast library of books. I, on the hand, was never a great reader.

I rest my case.

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So there I was, my year-old self, sporting none other than a pair of short shorts while my future mother-in-law choked on her Earl Grey tea. And as I stirred my regular PG Tips, I could see the disappointment in her eyes, the portholes to her soul.

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But despite all the odds against us, 10 years on, we are not only still together, but we are married too. He constantly strives towards his greatest potential. At years-old, after years of working a job he loathed, he found his calling in life — to be a humanitarian. Mrs I just want to be a housewife and bake shit! But wait, stop playing those woeful violins! I like to bake shit! Are you more ambitious or motivated than your partner, or perhaps vice-versa?

Let me explain… Whilst your partner is doing whatever it is highflying, career people do, do you ever feel guilty for not pushing yourself a bit more? And while they talk about things that are not even a part of your vocabulary, do you ever feel out of your depth?

If the answer is yes, then rest assure, this is completely natural. For example, take two success-driven people.

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Now, just imagine that stress and tension doubled. And not forgetting a pinch of jealousy and rivalry. This sound more like a recipe for disaster, than one of success. Furthermore, the less ambitious person might keep the ambitious person grounded and encourage them to adopt a more relaxed approach of life. When Fantasist Meets Realist… My husband is a fantasist. A dreamer with vibrant visions of how to make the world a better place.

A modern day and slightly less fabled Gandhi, if you will minus the flip-flops and the mustache. In stark contrast, I am a realist. His dreams of saving the world are really quite enchanting, but at times, make me want to take a pan to his head! What can I say? Fiction is lost on me, it really is.

All couples are different in one way or the other, but the troublesome differences are those that come in the form of conflicting wavelengths. When there is a lack of mutual harmony, the relationship can become discordant, or worst still, stuck and unable to move forwards. Opposites can serve to bring out a new and improved side of each person. So what could be better than dating someone who, by default, thinks differently from you?

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Furthermore, healthy debate and differing opinions can bring added spark to a relationship. Wait a minute…do you mean all these drawn-out disputes I keep having with my husband are actually enriching our relationship?

It involves acts like forgiveness and acceptance of ones mistakes. You fight, and you learn something new about the person. Everything has its place, and therefore, everything should remain in its place!

Couples who agree to disagree

My leading men 21 Sep And, of course, this is only the latest subject to add to the myriad that cause discord: So what's it like to be in a chalk-and-cheese relationship, and how do you resolve your differences? Indeed,should you even try? I never thought we'd stay together,' says Mia, a bubbly year-old Christian. James, 28, is agnostic. It was apparent she was devout, but she wasn't a Bible-basher so I thought it wouldn't be a problem,' he says.

Mia's Nigerian family is very religious, while James attended a Lutheran school, which led him to dispute rather than embrace religion. The couple's opposing views emerged soon after they started dating.

chalk and cheese relationship counseling

Which James admits wasn't that easy: That's not to say there wasn't any physical contact, but sex took longer! I read my Bible and pray at home. I guess James can sometimes feel he's in second place to my faith.

Are You and Your Partner Like Chalk and Cheese?

I know I can't make him a Christian overnight, but I hope that he does become one. We often discuss it,' she says. But, despite what has amounted to a three-year crash-course in Christianity, James's views haven't wavered; nor has he been converted. She hopes that our church visits might influence me, but I can't see it changing my fundamental beliefs.

chalk and cheese relationship counseling

James, in his typically laid-back way, is compliant, up to a point. If they get too Bible-thumping about it then we would probably have to have a talk about it, but if they turn out like Mia that's OK.