Celie and nettie relationship test

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Relationship between Celie and Shug

celie and nettie relationship test

The relationship between Shug and Celie in Alice Walker's The Color Purple is arguably the strongest in the novel. Based on Walker's theory of "womanism". Comparison between Celie and Nettie In the novel „The Color Purple‟, Alice Thus, unlike her sister, she has a happy and stable marriage with Samuel. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Shug and Celie's relationship grows increasingly intimate, and Shug coaxes.

Albert, of course, never really wanted to marry Celie. When he first approached Fonso, Celie and Nettie's stepfather, it was Nettie whom he wanted to marry. Nettie was not flashy like Shug, but she was pretty and young. Fonso opted to marry off Celie instead. Celie wasn't "valuable"; she wasn't a virgin. Albert had to take second-best, Fonso's "spoiled" daughter. In assessing Albert's character, one always returns, ultimately, to his cruelty to Celie. Celie suffers terribly at Albert's hands.

He beats her because she is not Shug. He hides the letters that Nettie writes to Celie to hurt both Nettie and Celie. He is not strong enough to tell Celie that Nettie refused his offer and fought off his sexual advances. Instead, he hides Nettie's letters, an act that defines him indelibly as a coward. Albert has sex with Celie in a callous and uncaring way.

He cares little about her pleasure. Corrine is worried the children are thinking of Nettie as their mother, and she doesn't want Samuel thinking of Nettie as anything but a sister. Corrine is worried because Samuel is looking at Nettie in an inappropriate way. Corrine wants Nettie in her old clothes and to let Samuel know he is like a brother to her. Corrine wants the Olinka people to view Nettie as her own person, not one of the children. Why do Tashi's parents come to see Nettie?

Tashi's parents come to invite Nettie to dinner to thank her for all she is doing to educate Tashi. Tashi's parents come to see Nettie because they are worried their daughter is changing because of her friendship with Olivia, and that Tashi's will not fit in with her community.

Tashi's parents come to warn Nettie the chief is angry because she is teaching the girls in the village and that she must stop for her own safety. Tashi's parents come to see Nettie because they want Olivia and Nettie to teach Tashi's even though it is against Olinka belief to educate women. According to her letters, how long has Nettie been in Africa? Nettie has been in Africa for almost 3 months. Nettie has been in Africa for over 5 years.

Nettie has been in Africa a little less than 1 year. Nettie has been in Africa for nearly 10 years. Why are the Olinka happy to see there is a road being built to their village? What later upsets them about the road?

They are happy since it will finally allow for their village to have modern amenities like those found in larger cities. They are later upset to learn that the road is not sturdy enough to survive the rainy season and will be destroyed after only a few months of use. They are happy since it will make travel much quicker and easier to and from the village.

They are later upset to learn the road is not stopping at their village but going straight through it and destroying several buildings.

They are happy since it is providing work for many people of their village in a time when money is tight. They are later upset because the men do not pay them as promised, and the Olinka realize they worked hard for nothing in return. They are happy since it will allow for increased trade with neighboring villages, making survival in the rainy season much easier.

They are later upset to learn they will have to pay a large fee to use the road, making trade nearly impossible. After her husband dies, Tashi's mother is made an honorary man. What important decision does this empower her to make? She decides that Tashi should be educated and try to learn as much as possible.

She decides that Tashi will not be given any further education, and Olivia must join the Olinka if she is to be friends with Tashi. She decides that Tashi will not take part in the female initiation ceremony. She will decide who Tashi will marry. What happens to the Olinka people when the government sells the land they own to a rubber factory in England? They are forced to pay rent on the land and pay a tax on the water they get from the land.

They must agree to work at the rubber factory, even though the conditions are horrible and they will receive no pay.

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They must find a new place to live or be killed. They are given a small purchase fee for the land which aids the people in finding a new place to rebuild. Who does Corrine believe are Adam and Olivia's parents?

Corrine believes Nettie and Mr.

Albert/Mr. _____

Corrine believes Celie and Albert are Adam and Olivia's birth parents. Corrine believes Nettie and Samuel are Adam and Olivia's birth parents. Corrine believes Celie and Samuel are Adam and Olivia's birth parents.

Why had Samuel urged Nettie to come to Africa? Samuel urged Nettie to come to Africa because he had fallen in love with her. Samuel urged Nettie to come to Africa because he thought Adam and Olivia were Nettie's children, and he wanted them to be together. Samuel urged Nettie to come to Africa because he saw how close she and Olivia were and thought it would make the journey easier for Olivia. Samuel urged Nettie to come to Africa because he knew Corrine would never be able to take care of the children.

What does Nettie tell Celie about their Pa? Nettie tells Celie he tried to rape her the day she left. Nettie tells Celie he is wanted for murder, and if he is arrested, they will be able to be together again.

Nettie tells Celie their Pa is rich but he hid the money until all the children had left home. Nettie tells Celie the man they always thought of as their Pa is really not their father. Assignment 6 Entries 1. How does Celi's old house look when Shug takes her to visit her Pa there?

The house looks horrible. The yard hasn't been taken care of, and the house is obviously falling apart. The house looks well taken care of. It's been painted a few times and a garage has been added, but it still resembles the house Nettie grew up in. The house looks like a white person's house.

It's large and beautiful with blooming flowers landscaping the yard. The house looks exactly like she remembered. The old car is still sitting out front, and the tire swing she and Nettie used to play on is still hung over the tree. Celie's Pa explains that he has been more successful with running a business and becoming a wealthy black man than her real father. What has he done differently to avoid the lynching her real father got after finding success?

He makes sure to follow all of the state laws and regulations. He pays all his taxes and makes sure to give money back to the community and to those in need. He works with the white people and asks their permission before he proceeds with any new business ideas. He offers the white people part of his profit so they aren't upset at his success. How does Nettie finally convince Corrine that Celie is the mother of Adam and Olivia, and that the two of them had met once a long time ago?

She tells her the same story every day about how Corrine met Celie in the drygoods store. Each day Corrine says she can't remember, until she is on her death bed and in and out of consciousness. It is this time she finally remembers meeting Celie. She finds an old family photo tucked in the pages of her Bible. She shows Corrine the photo and helps her see the resemblance of Adam and Olivia in Celie. This photo helps Corrine to remember the face of the girl she met long ago in the store.

She sprays a bit of old perfume on Corrine one day before church services. The smell reminds Corrine of a time long ago, and she is able to think back to the day she bought it, the very same day she met Celie at the store. She finds a quilt Corrine made using old pieces of the children's clothing. One of those patches was made from the fabric Corrine was buying the day she met Celie, which makes her remember the day she met her.

What happens to Corrine? Corrine leaves Samual and returns to England to live. Corrine kills herself becuase she believes Samual has been unfaithful to her. Corrine is placed in a sanatorium in Africa. Corrine's health continues to decline, and she dies. Why doesn't Celie write to God anymore? Celie doesn't write to God anymore because she feels she is strong enough to handle her problems herself. Celie doesn't write to God anymore because she is writing to Shug. Celie doesn't write to God anymore because she can now write to Nettie.

celie and nettie relationship test

Celie doesn't write to God anymore because she thinks God is a man and all the men in her life are no-good and always let her down. What does Shug teach Celie about God? Shug tells Celie that God isn't a man or a woman, but an It. She tells Celie God is inside everyone, and they just have to find it.

Shug says God created sin and therefore doesn't mind if people stray from the right path everyone once in a while. She also says that God wants people to enjoy life and all He has created.

She says God is for people who are dead or dying and the living should focus on living and experiencing the world. She also says religion is something created by white men, making it hard for her to believe. Shug tells Celie that God doesn't care about women and only listens to men. She also says that praying to Him each day and trying to live life for Him is ridiculous. He kicks Shug out of the house and tells her she is never allowed back again. He forbids it and says it will be over his dead body.

He says he's glad to finally get rid of her and helps Shug pack Celie's bags. He begs Celie not to go, saying he needs her to take care of the house. What does Celie do that surprises everyone at the dinner table? She smiles all through dinner and tells jokes, making everyone laugh. She also sings and dances after dinner, and is in the happiest mood anyone has ever seen. She refuses to say a prayer before the meal and leaves the room while everyone else blesses the meal.

She also decides not to help clean up the meal once everyone is finished. She speaks out against her husband, saying how horrible he was to her and how awful his children were. She also stabs him in the hand with her knife as he tries to slap her. She cries in front of everyone, showing real emotion for the first time. She also tells everyone how much they mean to her and how she's appreciated their support while she was married to Albert.

Who else is leaving with Shug to go to Tennessee? What does Celie do to Albert as she is leaving? She puts a curse on him. She smiles at him. Assignment 7 Entries 1.

After moving to Memphis, what type of business does Celie start? What is the name of the business? Celie begins her own pants business and she calls it "Folkspants, Unlimited.

The Color Purple

Celie begins her own laundry business and she calls it "Cleanclothes, Unlimited. Celie begins her own pants business and she calls it "Pantsfolks, Unlimited.

Celie begins her own laundry business and she calls it "Cleanfolks, Unlimited. Celie comes to visit Sofia and Harpo when Sophia's mother dies. Why are Harpo and Sofia arguing when Celie arrives?

Sofia wants to be a pallbearer in her mother's funeral, but Harpo thinks it is a man's job. Harpo wants Sofia to cut off all connections with the white family, but Sofia still feels affection for the little girl and tries to help her when she can. Harpo wants to have another child, but Sofia thinks they've had enough children and refuses to have any more. Sofia wants Harpo to stand up to his father and refuse to work for him unless he pays him more, but Harpo is scared to talk to his father.

What is Celie's explanation when Harpo says Mary Agnes is different? Celie tells Harpo it is just his imagination. Celie tells Harpo it is because Mary Agnes is drinking all the time. Celie tells Harpo it is because Mary Agnes smokes a lot of the reefer that Grady grows in the back yard.

Celie tells Harpo it is because Mary Agnes is on her own now, and she can take care of herself. What does Celie learn about Mr. He makes enough money to live from his job and is creating a savings account with the money made off his land. What happens between Harpo and Sofia to make them have feelings for each other once again? Harpo's daughter with Mary Agnes dies at the age of nine.

Sofia is so moved by his feelings for this young child that she can't help but develop feelings for him again. Sofia becomes pregnant with their sixth child, and their relationship grows as Harpo works hard to care for Sofia during this difficult pregnancy.

Sofia sees how kindly Harpo treats his father when he is dealing with Celie's absence and begins to have feelings for him once again. Harpo sold his jukejoint to have enough money to buy Sofia out of the remaining portion of her jail sentence.

She is so impressed with his compassion that she falls in love with him again. Sofia tells Celie Mr. What happened to turn Mr.

celie and nettie relationship test

Sending Celie the rest of her letters from Nettie B. Writing to Nettie to explain why Celie hasn't written in all these years C. Finding God and attending church services regularly D. Seeing Celie again and apologizing 7. What happens to Nettie and Samuel's relationship when they travel to England? They argue about whether or not to send the children to school in England or take them back to Africa and damage their friendship.

They realize their love for each other and get married. They realize it is too hard to be friends without Corrine around and decide to go their separate ways. They grow closer in their friendship and decide to always stay in touch no matter what happens. How are the Olinka people treated after the rubber factory is built? They are rewarded by the factory owners for giving up their land with gifts from the white world, like radios, bikes, jeans, mirrors, and toys.

They are also paid for their time working in the factory and are permitted to live in the baracks provided. They are forced to move to a barren area of land that is without water six months of the year. In this time, they must pay the factory for water. There is also no more roofleaf left, leaving the Olinka people without their item of worship. They are given the opportunity to either work for the factory or continue to live on their land. They are permitted to use the resources of the factory and can make a nice living by trading with the factory owners.

They are also allowed to retain their tribal traditions. They are required to work for the factory, even though the conditions are poor and several people have been injured as a result of the dangerous work. They also are prohibited from practicing their tribal traditions and must adopt the ways of the white people. What does Tashi do that upsets Adam? She has decided to attend college in England in the fall. He is worried she will not adjust to the new lifestyle after living in a small tribal region in Africa for her whole life.

She is working for the rubber factory running heavy tree-cutting machinery and putting her life in danger for the profit of others, completey giving up on her education. She has run away from the tribe to live with the mbeles and rebel against the rubber factory. Her life may be in danger if the factory uses force to stop the tribal people from protesting. She has gone through with the tribal ceremony of cutting or scarring her face and she has had the female initiation ceremony.

Assignment 8 Entries 1. What does Celie inherit when her stepfather dies? The house, land, and dry-goods store D. These hidden letters serve as a bridge to their love for one another.

Even though they are not physically together, they are emotionally and spiritually together. This is the extent of their relationship during the climax.

At first Celie learns of the sinking of the boat Nettie was on. At the end of the book, this theory that Nettie sank along with the boat turns out to be false. They are reunited once again and now can share an actual relationship without physical restraint. The relationship between Celie and Nettie is very significant. Celie saw in Nettie hope and this is why she sacrificed herself to live with Mr.

Nettie was smart, she was pretty, she had a decent chance to become someone. Sisterhood The symbol of sisterhood is an appropriate symbol because Nettie and Celie share a loving relationship throughout the whole story, even though they are not physically together through the whole story, their love for one another is present throughout.

At no point in the story did one another hate eachother or lose hope in seeing each other once again.