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says she's interested with Sasuke and Bossun's relationship, the council members Sasuke, and he decides to test Sasuke to see where their relationship are. Later, Bossun and Sasuke are arranging dinner, and Himeko and Switch find. Posts about Himeko and Bossun hug written by badagangGirL. I'm guessing about Himeko and Bossun's relationship since Himeko blushed. Yūsuke Fujisaki (藤崎 佑助), or Bossun (ボッスン), as he is more commonly called, soul and it hasn't tested yet so Chuuma asks Bossun and Tsubaki to test it. comments to Switch on the relationship between Bossun and Himeko before.

Hime grew up in Osaka and started playing field hockey in primary school, continuing through junior high. This led her to feel uncomfortable and purposefully isolate herself. One day, she saw Arisa leaving with a group of delinquents and began to fear that her friend was being threatened. Using her field hockey stick, she severely beat the group of delinquents, like a demon.

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The story of the fight spread quickly and once again Hime found herself isolated — but this time, feared as well. Other groups started targeting her to fight, but she beat each one. Eventually, she became known as a legend: Yet after an amazing throw during a fitness test, she was approached by her class representative,Chiaki to join the softball team. When Chiaki was threatened by two men who claimed she had dented their car with a baseball, Hime ultimately came to her rescue.

The latter then asked her to form a campus support group with him, declaring that he needed her strength. Having finally found a place where she was accepted, Hime was able to cry for the first time in years. Anyway, she has a good sense of humor before losing the patience, which, indeed, is little. Hime tends to be violent when something goes wrong and, indeed, in many cases the violence is her first choice to fix the problems.

She is a good cook as Bossun and Switch finds out during the Gachinko Vivage Battle arc Anyway, Himeko has a good heart and, like her companions of Sket-dan, is determined to do whatever it takes to help other people.

It also appears that takes more seriously the everyday affairs, or at least more than Bossun and Switch. Hime is loyal and admires Bossun, although she often hits or rebukes him.

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This is because she feels that she owes him much. By being originally from Osaka, Hime uses some different words or phrases to other characters, although this is only noticeable in a few jokes or situations. Sasuke thinks about Bossun, and he says that they are strangers.

When Sasuke mentions destiny, Sojiro thinks soul mate and asks Sasuke if it's love. He goes berserk on Sasuke, and Sasuke explains his first impression is bad and that they often get into arguments. Sojiro thinks his sister and Sasuke has unbreakable bond, and he asks what he is going to do in the future.

When Sasuke mentions dinner, Sojiro is bit shocked that he has done much with Saaya. Sasuke wants to take things little by little and he'll take him to dinner. Later, Bossun and Sasuke are arranging dinner, and Himeko and Switch find the brothers interesting.

Sojiro finds it strange that Saaya is still at the house. On the following day, the Sket Dan and Saaya help Sasuke get over his cat mannerisms. Sojiro is suspicious about the two. Over at the Agata house, Saaya thinks Sojiro is on her about Bossun, and Sojiro comments that he is like his little brother.

Sojiro tells his little sister to take him out on a date he meant Sasuke. When Saaya thinks it's hard, Sojiro reassures her. On the following day and in a toy shop, Bossun receives a call from Saaya who wants to have tea with him, and Bossun bumps into Sasuke who is buying a video game.

Saaya arrives to find Bossun and Sasuke together, and Sasuke thinks she's here to buy a game. She asks Bossun and Sasuke to go out with her, and Sasuke agrees to help Saaya out. That ain't cool you know! Bossun inhaled his mucus back to his nose and hugged Himeko tightly, making her startled a bit "Really?

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You are not bluffing aren't you? Hahaha" "St… Stop teasing me already! I just couldn't help it! I think I should… But ah.

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And it's just Tsubaki," Bossun threw his head on Himeko's lap then look up to her face. You should do it now. He's your brother and your only blood-related family. At least send him an e-mail first. He stumbled upon an interesting photo which he couldn't resist but to show it to Himeko.

Check this out" he showed his wife a photo of them together. In the middle, holding hands and glancing at each other, with Switch, Tsubaki, Daisy, Saaya, and Captain were all smiling at the background. This was taken after you confessed to me, wasn't it? I won't forget how funny your face was when you blurted out… ufufufu," Himeko chuckled then pinched her husband's cheek "You looked really cool back then…" she stared at Bossun's eyes.

Haven't you realized it yet, Hime? I'm actually quite good at noticing something off! Nothing came to her mind. You haven't really changed too, Hime! Just by looking at this picture, you'll know that Tsubaki and she were already interested in each other.

Try paying more attention to them," Bossun giggled. You sure are sharp, Yuusuke! I'd just realized it now after all this time! The Sket Dan club room.

You sure are sharp, Bossun! Your voice is piercing my ears! Bossun and Himeko were reading a manga together on the clubroom's mat right while Switch was re-watching an anime on his laptop. There had been no requests for 3 days now, so they felt rather bored. Bossun had just explained Himeko about the hint of the case in that story which made Himeko jumped out just now. Suddenly, the club room's door was opened; a short black haired figure with a sturdy body came in.

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It was the hot-headed president of Kaimei's student council. His name is Tsubaki Sasuke, Bossun's long-lost twin brother. You all are in your senior year yet you still hang around this small cramped room watching anime and reading manga…. The characters remained the same with a few additional characters, but now it's more focused on Lala's sister, Momo, and the assassin that targets Rito-kun, the hero of this anime, Yami the Golden Darkness.

Seems like the author understood Yami's potential, therefore, the story changed its focus on her and he also added more fighting scenes along with the new villain, Kurosaki Mea,""" Switch explained through his voice synthesis software. Oh God, that's gross! Why are you here anyways? Not that I care about you guys, but take a look at this," Sasuke gave Bossun a piece of paper. Switch and Himeko stood up as well, approaching their leader. He started pressing the keyboard on his laptop and clicked the icon to speak what he just typed.

We should put more effort on studying than just hanging around while doing nothing like this""" "You do have a point, Switch… And my grades aren't getting any better too…" Himeko expressed a weak smile.

This is for your future" Bossun commented. My shoujo mangas don't have anything to do with my grades! They were indeed in the very same frequency and wavelength.

Bossun turned around to face his twin. Switch, Himeko, and I will join this cram school!