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Across the games but especially BL2 she shows that she has zero She is cruel, aggressive, hotheaded, bosses every one around, never listens to advice and is Even her short relationship with Roland seemed to be just a. The bandits call me the Firehawk, but the name's Lilith. I'm with the Raiders, like you -- I keep the bandits in line so Roland can focus on taking. They talk about a past relationship between the 2. They are no longer together, so I doubt Lilith still likes Roland. Friends, resistance leaders.

Seriously, try to listen to all her in-game dialogue back-to-back, you might see what I mean. Like how she instantly agrees to kill Angel in BL2 and even wanted to do it personally, which is why she came despite every one telling her not to. Don't kid yourself she came to help you, she didn't even know you needed help.

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She came because she wanted to kill Angel herself and be a show-off as always. She repeatedly says and shows in different ways that the only thing she actually values is "Being a badass", and any one on Pandora or the world that is not a "badass" is basically prey to her whims. She doesn't do this because she wants rule the world or something mind you. Not all villains need to rule the world. They're a few bullets short of a full mag, but what they lack in brains, they make up for in violence.

Destroy that constructor and get Roland back! Stop them before they get away! They'll want to take him somewhere quiet to torture him -- I've just gotta find out where I found out where they took Roland! He's being held in the The Dust by some Hyperion goons and holy crap you already rescued him. You're officially my new favorite person. Kill the constructor and get Roland outta there! If you rescue Roland, we might have a shot at stopping Jack. I can see why Roland wanted you in the Raiders so badly.

You are a dumbass. I'm happy to see you. This is where you say you're happy to see me, too. We could use it to wipe Hyperion off the map. She does that, sometimes. I had it in my hand. I've got a really bad idea! Scooter, get Sanctuary in the air! Roland, get me some Eridium! I need it -- get to the center of town! You might wanna hang onto something. That was an accident. I phased the city. Find a way back here quick as you can. Silver linings, you know?

Nice to know some things never change. I'm glad you're okay. Hey, remember that time she told us the Vault was full of loot? Lemme get on the ECHO. But, if you wanna waste another few billion dollars launching mortars at us, be my guest.

What, like, a death wall? Fire our guns into the air and hope a bullet accidentally hits him? You're not going without me. Did I get you to Sanctuary? Jack's making me charge the Vault Key. So here's what happens next.

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And if you can't stop me from waking the Warrior? You put a bullet in my head. Brick and Mordecai need to protect Sanctuary if Jack gains control over the warrior. But so long as either of us have a bullet in our guns, that's not gonna happen. I can feel this thing around my neck sapping me dry. Better dead than a damsel. Kid, you gotta hurry! Get to high ground! Never hurts to make sure, though: I gotta say -- you…are a badass.

Heh -- no rest for the wicked. Get a new shield for Sanctuary, wipe Hyperion off the map…and bury our fallen. Jack had a great deal resting on Angel and her powers. Lilith, Roland's girlfriend, just so happens to be a siren. Handsome Jack, on the other hand, has a vindictive streak.

Do you see where this is going? So she gets a bit of sweet revenge in the end. Mine was pretty alright.

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She used to buy me chocolate and always had lemonade at the house when I was a kid. Handsome Jack, however, did not love his Grandmother. When he was a wee lad. But again, he was little Handsome Jack, so what could he do? He waited until he was big Handsome Jack and had her murdered.