Banky and wizkid relationship advice

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banky and wizkid relationship advice

Just after Wizkid congratulated Banky W on his engagement to Adesua Etomi, his fans began to ask when he will follow the footsteps of his. The split between Banky W and Wizkid, inside sources say, resulted from Wizkid reportedly ignored his mum advice and stood his ground on. Tiwa Savage finally speaks about her relationship with Wizkid about her relationship with ex-husband, TeeBillz and if she had any advice for.

It filled many with peace. Well, not longer than three months into trouble visited: And in another mysterious way, they managed to bury their hatchet before the new year. This time, they performed together on the same stage in Lagos, Nigeria. The crowd was literally thrown into hysteria when after Davido performed his Dami Duro single, Wizkid appeared on stage and in fact was held up stage by OBO himself.

banky and wizkid relationship advice

Reports went out again that there was peace. Fans were jubilant and once more placated.

banky and wizkid relationship advice

But here we are. The truth is between when Davido became a musical item and now, the relationship between the two superstars has been somewhat like the Nigerian power supply — off and on.

As of today, Wizkid and Davido occupy a strategically important position in Africa, and perhaps the world, because of their music — and maybe nothing more. Year in year out, their songs have continued to flaunt Africa, its culture, language and essence, to the world, earning them a very large and global fan base as well as local and international recognition.

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Their successes also have chipped them off other industry mates on the continent, setting them apart and in a class of their own, a class that makes it possible for people to see them as being musically identical.

This twin identity that people have forged for them is the genesis of their supremacy battle.

banky and wizkid relationship advice

What should have become a good reason for collaboration and team work has constructed a huge boxing ring where these artistes are forever locked in, flexing all their muscles in a bid to outwit each other and to who see emerges victorious. They fight and compete, just like everyday twins.

Banky W and Wizkid’s feud was over Pepsi deal

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banky and wizkid relationship advice

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Why Wizkid And Banky W Turned Against Each Other

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Click on photo to read more on how it happened. The good news is that he was quick to admit that he was by no means a natural, and that this is an instance where practice most certainly makes perfect.

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