Balki and gauri shinde age difference in a relationship

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balki and gauri shinde age difference in a relationship

When it comes to imagining R Balki and Gauri Shinde as husband and wife, the first thing that comes to one's mind is, how this creative couple. R balki and gauri shinde age difference in dating. Gauri Shinde and R Balki are two of the most interesting directors in Bollywood today. They are also probably. "I am a better director than Balki: Gauri Shinde". Dear Life) is a Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age drama film written and directed by Gauri Shinde. .. hopeful, forced to give up her dreams after an arranged marriage at a young age. . of winning most Awards 7 and distinction of winning the Award thrice in a row.

So, Gauri, what was your instinctive one-word reaction? So it was Interesting versus Irritating!

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And now, years later, what would that one word be? Ha ha, I meant interesting. Yes, it would still be interesting, but with a little more pause. Did any of that happen with you?

Yes, but after a very long time.

balki and gauri shinde age difference in a relationship

And every time we assess things, some new rough edges have come in! Interrupts We have been married seven years, not 12! Many people do think marriage is an unnatural state of existence… Gauri: Balki, do you feel like a bachelor? Given that you spend so little time together, do you consciously schedule time together?

Or do you go with the flow?

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Or suddenly, if we feel like going on a two-day holiday, we just go. Just cancel all your appointments and leave? Do you have any rules like no talking shop at the dinner table or in bed?

Are you listening, Balki?

balki and gauri shinde age difference in a relationship

But I have the satisfaction of saying what I wanted to. Sometimes men want to talk too, in their own space and time. This is very, very funny; you always end up blaming us though we never blame you. Ok, so no rules about talking.

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Are there any rules at all? Mar 25, They are also probably the busiest, which might explain why it took us a whole year to get them together for an interview. But Gauri reveals the real reason behind the delays: We are two very different individuals and I prefer to be treated as that.

balki and gauri shinde age difference in a relationship

See, I even gave you a headline there! Because Gauri and Balki fly in the face of received wisdom: Mrs and Mr Fiercely independent Shinde and Balki are those free birds who have chosen to come back to the same nest every day for the past whole decade Prabhat Shetty She is a Marathi mulgi from Pune who worked in the films department of Lowe Lintas an ad agency in Mumbai.

They met in the office lift and fell in love. Or at least one half of them did. From day one, she was someone I could talk to. To even think that I would eventually marry that guy still feels unreal! White or light blue Correct She loves to eat: Fish Correct Her favourite song: It changes every week.

balki and gauri shinde age difference in a relationship

If I like what she likes, she changes her like! Correct Her favourite movie: The Hours, closely followed by Blue Valentine. Correct The word she uses most often: She has a much stronger word for me! Her favourite place to hang out in Mumbai: Correct She loves to wear: Anything loose and airy. She likes the pasta I make. Correct Still, as time passed, they found themselves dating each other.

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Movies were just an excuse to spend more time together. We went to the Venice Film Festival to do just that! Not because they particularly wanted to, but because all their friends were marrying, and their parents pushed for it. So I thought, why not? Black Correct And his favourite food: Pongal and most spicy vegetarian food. Andhra food Name his favourite movie: English Vinglish Correct His most used word: According to Balki, it is: Rubbish In Mumbai, he loves to hang out here: Correct His favourite clothing: Black T-shirt and a pair of jeans.