Aomine and momoi relationship problems

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aomine and momoi relationship problems

Characters/Pairings: Aomine Daiki, Momoi Satsuki, mentions of Touou team and Teiko Which is a problem because Aomine absolutely refuses to cook unless he's on the The neighbours believe that they have an abusive relationship. iia. 1) It's really annoying knowing Momoi, a fun character, likes or even that the relationship between Kuroko and Momoi was an interesting topic. Momoi and Aomine are childhood friends who used to play basketball together when in order to keep an eye on Aomine and make sure he doesn't get in to trouble. .. Though not overly shown in the manga or anime, their relationship was.

Geez Aomine looked up at the ceiling as he laid. How did I even manage to get involved in this messed? Aomine got up and headed to the bathroom that was across the hall from his room.

He went and did his usual business. He fixed his bedhead, looked the same just not as messy. He also washed and floshed his teeth, as he did that he glanced at himself from in front of the mirror.

Am I really that scary looking? Aomine thought as he spit the toothbrush paste onto the sink. I thought Murasakibara was the scary one He then exited the bathroom and proceeded back into his room. Aomine looked at his clock. Aomine went towards his closet. This better be damn important that I'm missing my sleep on a Saturday morning! He put on a normal white long sleeved shirt, a pair of navy blue jeans, his Jordan's and his navy jacket.

He exited his room and proceeded down the stair case. As he was about to exit the kitchen, he noticed a note on the table. Dear sweetie, I know you expected me home for another few days but my office called and they needed me again for a business trip. I'm sorry, I left some money in the jar for groceries for a few days. He has a feeling he's going to need all the luck he could get. He moved to grab his cellphone while his mind was still fogged with dreams.

He lazily opened his eyes and read who was texting him in the middle of the night. Seeing Momoi's name, he opened the message.

Mukkun, did you know Tetsu-kun and Akashi-kun are dating?! Murasakibara blinked as he read the message, trying to decipher if it was a code or something. His phone vibrated again and saw Midorima just sent him a text.

aomine and momoi relationship problems

If you got a text or call from Momoi or Aomine about Akashi and Kuroko, ignore it. Okay, now Murasakibara was getting confused. Then, his phone vibrated again. Souvenirs A relative of mine gave me too many chocolates. Do you want me to send you some Murasakibara? Unlike the two previous messages, Murasakibara replied to Akashi's text without any hesitation.

aomine and momoi relationship problems

By the way, I got a text from Sacchin saying you and Kuro-chin are dating and then Mido-chin texted me saying to just ignore it. What's going on Aka-chin? While waiting for Akashi's reply, Murasakibara daydreamed about the chocolates he'll get. Maybe he'll share some to Himuro. He snapped out of his trance when his phone buzzed. So that's why I got missed calls from Momoi and Aomine.

Don't worry about it Murasakibara. But what about Kuro-chin? Murasakibara silently asked and texted just that. I'll take care of Kuroko. Noticing that his former captain dismissed him, Murasakibara gave in to sleep, dreaming of chocolates; his mind forgetting Momoi's text.

It wasn't until tomorrow morning in school that he remembered everything. His photo shoot lasted for so long and he never had this instant dislike in a co-model before but the girl was just grating on his nerves and everyone in the shoot, too ; acting all prima donna and kept ordering people around.

Plus, she was so annoying always clinging on him and trying to seduce him failing epically, of course. He knew not to get close to those types. He groaned when his cellphone rang and he doesn't have any strength to answer it right now especially if it's his manager.

He was really grateful that there's no club practice tomorrow so he could just rest or maybe visit Kurokocchi. His phone then buzzed but Kise was halfway through dreamland and ignored it. Kise had the shock of his life when he opened that text in the morning. He sighed when it stopped only to frown when it rang again. He lazily reached out for his phone on the bedside table, not wanting to get up yet. He opened one eye to peek at whoever was calling him so early and at seeing the name Kise Ryouta, chucked his phone under his pillow to muffle its ringing.

He doesn't have the energy to deal with Kise's annoying babbles right now but his phone won't stop ringing.

Irritated, Kuroko answered the call. You disturbed my sleep. It's a lie, right? Tell me it's a lie! It's not true, right Kurokocchi?

aomine and momoi relationship problems

You and I have gone out on dates so it should be me who's dating Kurokocchi! I'll call you later," Kuroko hanged up, paying no attention to Kise's "wait, Kurokocchi! His train of thought was interrupted when his phone rang again and if it's Kise again, he's seriously going to turn off his phone.

But the name on the screen was his former captain and so he gave in and answered it. It seems there's a rumor about us.

Kise-kun kept pestering me.

Satsuki Momoi

It isn't a farfetched idea that your school knows about the rumor as well. Or anyone from Kaijou, Shuutoku, Touou and Yosen. Oh, he and Kagami were going to have a serious talk. Fighting for air, he took his bottle of water while Kuroko crossed his arms and waited for him to finish his dramatics. Kuroko seemed unimpressed and just stared evenly at Kagami. Kagami frowned at that, knowing his partner was serious. Before Kuroko could respond, a classmate of theirs came up to them.

The girl was fidgeting with her uniform, her face all red while looking down at her shoes. Kuroko gave him a stink eye while taking a step back from his mess.

aomine and momoi relationship problems

And someone from the Rakuzan basketball club said they heard Mibuchi-san—the vice-captain congratulating Akashi-sama in his relationship. It's only now that we found out that it was Kuroko-san. Kuroko's tone was so cold and chilling that even their classmates—who were unabashedly eavesdropping—also shivered in fear. Kuroko's weak presence and misdirection clearly doesn't work now. He knew that running away was only delaying the inevitable and Kuroko would get more pissed if he did run.

At the rooftop, Kagami flinched when Kuroko turned to look at him straight in the eye with his arms crossed over his chest. And I didn't spread it to the whole school! Momoi-san sent me a text that said she and Aomine-kun will come here later.

At least Midorima-kun and Murasakibara-kun had the sense not to believe it. Though Takao-kun did send me a congratulatory message. It spread throughout the other schools especially to those who have a member of Generation of Miracles in them. I mean, if you or Akashi said that it wasn't real, it'll die down. Not to mention, more rumors will start because of that.

What did he say? His brows furrowed when Kuroko muttered inaudible under his breath. What did you say? Of course, Akashi will get amusement out of this mess. Kuroko seems to be the only one bothered by it Kise, Aomine and Momoi notwithstanding. And you can just tell the truth to Aomine and the rest. Other people can believe want they want but as long as your friends know the truth, it's fine, right?

Kagami's left eye twitched at the remark but hold off his comments since he was the reason why Kuroko was in this mess anyway. Kise engulfed Kuroko in a death hug while crying his name over and over again in anguish, paying no attention to how Kuroko futilely tried to free himself to no avail as Kise's grip was too tight or how Kuroko kept saying to let him go. It should have been me! Kise didn't mind Aomine and just reached out his arms to Kuroko in vain, still crying.

Kuroko inhaled his much need air before looking up at his former light. We have a lot to talk about," Aomine said, ignoring Momoi and Kise's loud bawling. His left eye twitched at the noise. How many times do I have to tell you, I don't like Tetsu that way! You're already Kurokocchi's best friend! You can't be his boyfriend, too! He didn't dare voice it out since he doesn't want to get dragged in their stupid argument.

And it wasn't me who broke it first, it was Akashi!

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The three former Teikou students were taken aback for that. Don't drag my name in there! And why the hell are you joining them anyway? He started when the three colorful heads pinned him with an intense stare. Further fight was thankfully avoided when a sharp whistle pierced through the whole gym. They all turned to Riko, who had her whistle in her mouth with Kuroko standing beside her.

They continued to watch over as Kuroko explained the truth to them and then sweatdropped when Kise and Momoi cried while hugging Kuroko again with Aomine trying to fend them off. Who said that you need to compete with them! She glanced at Kagami. Izuki pat the first year on the back. Momoi then reveals that she has intel on the team, ranging from the players' abilities to Riko 's cup size barely B. She then talks about Kagamicomparing him to Aomine.

She recalls Aomine's playing style from the past and says that if only he would lose once, that he would return, but he simply doesn't lose.

Kuroko speculates that he might win against Aomine and when Momoi takes her leave, he promises her that he'll win for Aomine's sake. She was shocked to learn that he had met Kagami and that he thought that Kagami and Kuroko were a bad match. He tells her that he overslept and that he is still in school. Momoi hands the phone to Imayoshi and Aomine tells him that he will come later.

The match begins without Aomine. On the sidelines, Kise meets with Midorima and the two spectate the match together. She tells him that there is no reason to worry as all of the players know what to do. Seirin decides to trust Kagami and Kuroko with the ball. Riko notices that Kagami is at the limit of his jumping and decides to pull him out. When Kagami is about to be subbed back, Aomine suddenly appears putting his hand on Kagami's shoulder telling him to entertain him even a little.

Aomine is substituted into the game along with Kagami. The match continues and Momoi remembers how Aomie always used to play basketball as a kid.

She remembers him playing with the adults and his free-spirited style. Momoi then watched as Aomine threaten his teammates for badmouthing Kuroko.

aomine and momoi relationship problems

Before the match beings, Momoi calls Aomine on the phone but he doesn't answer. Kise would always lose, and Momoi would ask Aomine why he can't go easier on him. Harasawa called out to Momoi, interrupting her memories. He asks her is she gave Aomine data on Kise, but Momoi tells him that Aomine refused to accept it.