Antman and wasp relationship quizzes

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antman and wasp relationship quizzes

Professionally, Ant-Man and the Wasp are partners. The two have a very complicated relationship. Although Take This Quiz to Find Out. Personality Quizzes · Trivia Quizzes. more. Comics · Featured Books · ABOUT · CONTACT · POLICY · TERMS. Quiz Info. Which "Ant-Man and the Wasp". After watching Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp, we were literally floored by its importance in Cassie, and he's constantly working for an amicable relationship with his ex-wife and current fiance. . QUIZ: What Kind of Animal Parent Are You ?.

Wasp has additional perks to her body: Their marriage is still the only time that the both eloped -- she has yet to wed Ant-Man in any of his other identities. During West Coast Avengers 21, he even abandoned his four previous aliases to become plain old Hank Pym and settles down with Espirita.

And Jan liked them. So I remade myself, into Giant Man, then Goliath.

antman and wasp relationship quizzes

Feeling inadequate to the stronger and more popular Avengers, Pym inevitably allowed his mental illness to fester and ruin his relationship with Wasp. As the other zombie Avengers gather to feast, Wasp flies away with a chunk of Magneto that she refuses to share with Pym.

The group also consumes pieces of Jarvis. Giant-Man secretly keeps Black Panther locked up in a casket hooked up to an I. Wasp discovers the body and chastises her boyfriend for not sharing. Somehow, the zombie arc still isn't as graphic as the Ultimates storyline. The Blob ends up eating Janet, and Pym gets vengeance by eating the Blob.

Yellowjacket responds by admiring Goliath's intelligence and thorough planning.

5 Unanswered Questions After Watching Ant-Man and The Wasp

She somehow survives and is carried around by Black Panther, who escapes his confines on a crutch. In a clear homage to the Bride of Frankenstein, the Bride of Ultron storyline follows the titular character brainwashing Pym to make him a wife. Through the run that makes up AvengersPym is tricked into thinking Janet is near death, and the only way to rescue her is by transferring her consciousness into another android.

antman and wasp relationship quizzes

We have some big questions for these seemingly tiny plot points! We live in a really systematized world of entertainment where the blockbuster sequel is king. So here are the 5 not-so-small pun intended queries we would like to have answers for in the next slate of films.

This is probably the most important question we need answers for!

5 Unanswered Questions After Watching Ant-Man and The Wasp

Seeing as how Scott Lang gets trapped again in the Quantum Realm and has lost radio contact with the outside world, it would be interesting to know how and when he would be able to escape. Here lies a big problem for Scott: This guy can never catch a break! Why did the Pyms decide to conduct more Quantum Realm experiments? Those family reunion scenes brought small, pearl-shaped tears to our eyes.

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Why would they just walk away from their home on a serene island in the middle of nowhere to return to the Realm that has tormented their family for years? More on this later Could they be attempting to find untapped gateways to other universes, such as the Dark Dimension or the Microverse?

antman and wasp relationship quizzes

Funny and ludicrous as this small-time thug with a massive ego was, his inclusion could eventually set up another villain for the presumably third Ant-Man movie. Going back to the thugs, we know that Birch was a black market dealer for many unscrupulous parties.

This obviously does not include the Pyms, who only got in touch with Birch for the parts they need to build the Quantum Tunnel. Yet, if we could stretch our collective imaginations a bit more, we have to find out why he was so adamant in stealing the lab. Who was his buyer, and was it really crucial for him to steal it?

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We know, the last one was a reach, but maybe it could be pried away from Dr. Strange when its asleep!