Anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

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anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

Ahmedabad, May Anandiben Patel, often called the Iron Lady of Gujarat is Not many know this fact, but Anandiben and Narendra Modi shared the and a woman who shares cordial relationship with all her ministers. "Narendra Modi has finally gate-crashed New Delhi. Since long he has been trusting Anandiben Patel, a minister and among his likely. Sunil RajguruNarendra Modi became Gujarat Chief Minister in but it seems like hes been around forever and nobody even comes close to the coverage.

Why Anandiben Patel has been appointed governor of Madhya Pradesh

She was much more stable than Modi and gave him rock solid support when he was bustling with ideas, plots and plans. Patel was elected to the State Assembly in from Mandal constituency in Ahmedabad district and subsequently shifted to Patan in North Gujarat.

In the Assembly polls, Patel shifted to Ghatlodia in Ahmedabad city. Besides her ministerial responsibilities, she is also in charge of the BJP organisation in Ahmedabad city and Surat district, both saffron bastions. Known to be hard-working, Patel is a strict taskmaster and gets maximum work out of bureaucrats and others. She is accepted much less among party cadres, but the bureaucrats in Gujarat generally bow to her dictates.

In charisma, she is not a patch on Modi, and her acceptance among the masses will never become a reality. She is a woman; she is a Patel, the dominant caste; she is highly educated; she has experience; she is loyal to the party; and she will work hard under her mentor Modi's watch from New Delhi. If Modi had selected Ganpat Vasava or Bhupindersngh Chudasama instead of Anandiben or any other Patel minister, it would have hurt the Congress deeply.

Profile: Anandiben Patel

In the tribal areas of Gujarat, the Congress definitely has its strong presence. But for the last three decades with or without Modi, the Patel lobby has dominated the power set-up in Gandhinagar.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

Their social and economical upward mobility allows them to dictate political decisions. In that sense Anandiben's appointment will turn out to be a smooth decision. There have been negative reports about her handling of the education department. Under her tenure Gujarat's education has not only become costly, even its quality has deteriorated.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

The self-financing schools have become a menace to society and corruption is taking its toll on the management of schools and colleges. On Modi's instructions, for the last two years Anandiben has been travelling widely in the state to get a sense of the district-level political and administrative scenario. She has met Collectors and various important government officials to get a grip on issues. She trusts Modi and would not do anything without his knowledge or consulting him.

Modi too has complete faith in her. Since long he has been trusting Anandiben Patela minister and among his likely successors if he shifts to Delhi. However, he guards his privacy zealously. After going online at 7 am or even earlier, he would call his party men from all over Gujarat; now, he calls people from all over India. He attends office early in the morning, and works till 10 pm if need be. He is a leader who is not going to ease his grip on party politics even if he were to head a ministry or be ensconced in the PMO if a National Democratic Alliance government comes to power.

Oh yes, he is in love with the mirror. He poses like a model. He is very conscious of pictures that are sent out from his publicity office. A few years back he used to like dark colours but now he experiments.

He keeps a comb handy in his pocket all the time. He sleeps for only five hours—sometimes even less. Whatever time he hits the bed, he gets up at 5 or 5. He has written poems of low literary value. His icon is Swami Vivekananda. He admires Indira Gandhi. Modi was incommunicado when he was 17 and He wanted to do something but did not know what. So he travelled and wandered around India.

He has met innumerable sadhus. Unlike his image, Modi meets local Gujarati Muslims frequently. He is a hard task-master and treats government officers as tools to achieve his political goals. There is no doubt that he played communal politics in the last three Gujarat elections. But his close associates say, in a weak defence, that his negative side is not dominated by his penchant for identity politics.

He is like most national leaders—from Indira Gandhi to Nitish Kumar —opportunistic, which drives him to play identity politics for the sake of power. He has won so far because he knows the usefulness and uselessness of everyone around him.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

Two, he recognises time and its value. No one should have any doubt that if at all he fulfills his dream of becoming prime minister he will turn New Delhi topsy-turvy. He will make bureaucrats work and will be a dictator who will ensure the implementation of his decisions.

IAS officer on leave after differences with MP Governor Anandiben Patel?

But Modi put his foot down, plugged leakages, stopped theft, and forced farmers to pay pending bills running into crores of rupees.

It was a very China-like implementation that he managed through Saurabh Patelthe state energy minister. Those who are not his fans may hear him out in the coming days because he has provided power to all homes in Gujarat.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

Whatever critics may say, Modi has learnt his lesson after the riots. That has made a difference, and is a huge achievement for Teesta Setalvad and other activists. The Modi camp says he is unlikely to repeat the mistakes of However, those who hate him will continue to hate him. Modi evokes extreme emotions in his fans, and more so in his opponents.

anandiben patel and narendra modi relationship

This fear will ensure that Muslim voters will go the whole hog to vote against Modi. The fear is understandable. L K Advani and Sushma Swaraj are also arguing on the same lines. Modi has an original way of political manoeuvring.